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Obscure Entertainment Recommendations During Quarantine!

Don't Starve: What makes the game fun? (Part 1: Asymmetry)

How to Succeed in Online Courses

Seamless Transition from Person to Computer.

Death In Video Games: How It Can Be Built On

The Importance of Gameplay Loops in Game Design

IT’S HAMMER TIME:Using Valve’s Hammer To Create Portal 2 Maps-Part 3.1

No TikTok for Military Personnel

6 Months later, My Experience as a Student Ambassador

A bit of Advice

My Favorite UAT Class: Game-A-Week

Move In Time!

Day 1 at UAT

2020 Astronomy Events You Can See at UAT

Awesome Free Software for Game Developers

Fire the Cannons!

New Decade. New Meme.

College Cooking!

Always Sunny in Tempe, AZ.

What is Red vs. Blue?

We Are All Just a BunchOfNerds

Interested in the Dark Side?

What an Andrew Tour is Like

How to Succeed in Game Jams

Mark Tank

Awesome Apps for College Students

Being part of the UAT family

IT’S HAMMER TIME:Using Valve’s Hammer To Create Portal 2 Maps - Part 2

IT’S HAMMER TIME:Using Valve’s Hammer To Create Portal 2 Maps-Part 1

Why University of Advancing Technology (UAT)?

Tour After Tour: When Hard Work Pays Off

Disney+ Is Not A Happily Ever After Story

Bad Cheap Tech Is Not Good. Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones.

My take on First Person Shooters

Who are the Watchers of the Front Desk?

Microsoft to uphold Privacy Law not only in California

The Importance of Maxwell: Being a UAT Student and Being Social

The Great Wall of Chi- Wait Russia?

How Big is THICC?

How I, As A Network Security Student, Keep My Identity Protected

The UAT Founder's Game Jam 2019

Developing an App: A beginners guide to App Development

Tours with Bailey

Fall 2019 Provost Challenge: Maleficent

Current Event of the Week in the Cyber Security World!

Getting Through Your First Semester

Top 3 Parts of a UAT Campus Tour with Jordan Brown

What's it like in Space Exploration?

Blended Strategies: My Time in Thinking Strategies

My Experience in the UAT Summer Game Jam

My Awesome Classes This Semester

Stress in College: How to Handle Stress While Learning

My First Semester

University of Advancing Technology President Jason Pistillo Interview

The Importance of Conveyance in Game Design

Easter Eggs in Gaming - Know Any Others?

ADAPTCHAR: My experience using Pygame

Not all games need to be easy - SEKIRO Shadows Die Twice

Zombie Apocalypse Experience - Day 3

Zombie Apocalypse Experience - Day 2

Zombie Apocalypse Experience - Day 1

Do Your Memories Belong to You?

How It Feels to Move across the Country for College

The Underground eSport that Just Won’t Die

Camera Angles Tell a Story

Creating Characters for TV

Why Game Designers Should Use Emergent Gameplay

WRCCDC Qualifier: A Glorious Chaotic Environment

Creating a Super-Powered Character

Continuous Improvement: 2nd CCDC Invitational

Underground Esports

Exploring the "Super" Element in Creative Writing Class

TIS-100: An Assembly Programming Puzzle Game

My First Game Jam

Learning In a High Pressure Environment : CCDC Invitational

Why Every Game Developer Should Participate in Game Jams

Get a Makeover with Special Effects Makeup

My Time At CactusCon

Founder's Game Jam: Streaming and Competing

New Semester, New You!

5 Reasons to Be a Conference Ambassador at Black Hat

Women In Technology

Thr3e Times the Storytelling Innovation

Do Robots Have Souls?

Arizona BLOCKATHON Invitational at UAT

eSports at UAT

One Awesome Math Teacher

Unlocking the Power of Games

Lights, Camera, Action: UAT Students Create Award-Winning Short Film

A Recipe for a Real-world Solution

Solar Sailing: How UAT Students Use the Sun to Power Innovation

The Oddity of Game Design Innovation

My Trip to E3 2018

7 Reasons Why Communication In Technology is Essential

Delos AI Coding Contest for Westworld

5 Things Every Dorm Room Needs

Landing an Internship on an Airplane

Fun with Fan Theories

How to Land a Job as a Game Scenario Designer

How Anime Club Uses Automation

UAT Cyber Warfare Range: A Unique Learning Environment

How to Make the CCDC Team

Why You Should Join the UAT Broadcasting Club

Flatiron: Do You Dare?

Find Fun and Friends at Founder's Hall

6 Tips for Making the Ultimate Board Game

A Conversation with the UAT VEX Robotics Team

How to Remain Stress Free During College

Why You Should Study Pop Culture

What Makes UAT Unique?

Collegiate Cyber Defense Class and the Benefits of Discovery Learning

The Lovable Goofball We Call Gose

Five Things You Need to Know About Windows Server 2016

Sedona: The Quick Getaway

Gaming Passion Series: Part 11 [ESRB Ratings]

My Experience with Grammarly

Dungeons & Dragons: My Experiences Part 1

Faculty Serve Students Breakfast for Dinner to Kickoff Finals - Dec.12

Gaming Passion Series: Part 9 [Challenges]

Evolution of Video Game Artificial Intelligence

Battle for Azeroth

IPhone Photography

Gaming Passion Series: Part 8 [Progression]

Sprinting to Finish Projects

Gaming Passion Series: Part 6 [SFX]

All About Me

Super Mario Odyssey

Call of Duty WW2

Gaming Passion Series: Part 7 [Open World/Exploration]

Gaming Passion Series: Part 5 [Dialogue]

Gaming Passion Series: Part 4 [Mechanics]

Mechanical Keyboards: Where To Begin

IT… We All Float to the Theater (SPOILERS)

Pulling Keycaps

Thoughts on Sonic Mania

Google's Design Tools Guide

Antimatter Security Talk: Black Hat

Taking a Look at Google Material Design

Gaming Passion Series: Part 3 [Aesthetics]

A Final Break

Cinematography Finals Are Finally Here

Sonic Mania

Reflecting on My Time at UAT

Gaming Passion Series: Part 2 [Story]

Blogs Revisited Part 2

Nintendo Switch Continued...

Indie Filmmaker

Blogs Revisited Part 1

Gaming Passion Series: Part 1 [Character Creation]

Multiplayer comes to Final Fantasy XV!

Super Smash Bros. Melee Was Tampered With...

Your Car Wash Is (Also) a Vulnerable Computer

Simple Tips on Personal Cyber Security

BlackHat and Defcon, Passwords and Security


Pokemon Go! Again?

Exploring the Digital Border

Introducing Myself

Season 11 of Diablo III Has Started!


Spider-Man Homecoming! Spectacular (Spoilers)

Re: RTX 2017

The Road to Improvement: Part 1

Slim Shandy

The Road to Evo: Extended. Future Plans.

Sound Brake 2.0

Why Gamers Are Mad At Crypto Miners


FFXV Episode Prompto and Necromancer Released Today!

SGDQ and AGDQ - What When and Where


The Road to Evo: Part 5


Tomb of Sargeras - World of Warcraft 7.2.5

E3, there's an agility orb nearby!

E3 2017: Microsoft

E3 Nintendo

E3 - My Favorites and Speculation

6 Best Marketing Tools for 2017

E3 2017 PlayStation

RTX 2017

The Road to Evo: Part 4

Digitsole Smartshoe


Phoenix Comicon 2017

New Semester, New Projects

The Road to Evo: Part 3

Wonder Woman

When an AI writes a Sci-Fi Short Film

The Road to Evo: Part 2

Sunrise Pillow

I'm Always Into Juggernog!

Why you should be using Google Music

The Road to Evo: Part 1


IT....Monster From Derry

Cooperative Storytelling

One Thing Off Of My Bucket List


International Tabletop Day - Saturday, April 29th 2017


Second Blog in One Day

My Blog got Deleted

Experiences in VR

UAT Commencement Project

The Dreaded Finals Week

UAT Virtual Tour

Why is Korean Music Popular?


Upcoming Tech Gadgets

Project Infinity

New Champions Revealed in League of Legends!

Pico C The Beer You can make at home

Spring Break!

Projects, Focus, and the Future is Scary

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus - First Impressions



The Vertical "Switch"

Wedding Photographer

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Hype

A few weeks later....

UAT Experience: Behind the Scenes


A Look Into Ubuntu Unity 8

This Week in eSports

Logan.. a Tragedy (Spoilers)


Programmer Confessions

UAT Experience!

The "Right To Repair" your phone or console is telling of the future.

Why Computer Science Student Chris Peterson Chose UAT

Uber Apparently Has Self-Driving Cars in Phoenix Now

A Story of the Neck Deep A Punk Short!

Why Do People Get Excited About eSports?

Three Hearts of Tech.

3 Things I Love About Technology

Three Loves of Tech

Three Things I Love About Tech!



OverCooked, Local Coop, and EA Gaming Styles

Blog about something

Lights and a Camera.

Mechanical, Beautiful Keyboards

Chinese New Years in Games

How I Got Into Competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee

Art and some more Art.

Programmers in design

Razer and Their Famous Rainbow Prototypes

Introductory Post – Austin Lee

Getting A Space on the Web

Music Shoot

New things..

Counting Down Semesters

New Semester New Sight.

Bitcoin: Economy - Part 2

Photography Slice of Life

Final Fantasy XV

Bitcoin: What is bitcoin? - Part 1

Help Falls-Psycho Babel

Talking about the Switch Again!?

Data Obfuscation And A Hilarious Way To Do It

My Poor Wii U

Level Editors and New Life

Computers Are Watching Videos To Learn The World Around Them

Whats been going on!

I'm ready to Switch over;) The Sequel!!!

The Physical Keyboard Comeback

Digitally Creative!

I'm ready to Switch over ;)


My Little 'Rant' about WoW

Cyber Security

Your Car Is a Vulnerable Computer

Cyber Security Month!

Keeping That Network Secure

Blog it up!!

Four Summaries For Tech-Awareness

Help Falls Here I Come

Another DnD Blog: DM Edition


Sharing my Thoughts on Dungeons & Dragons: DM Edition

Lets Blog It Up!!

Founder's Game Jam 2016

Get Lost Find Yourself!

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, And The Fourth Wall

A VR Experience for the Ages

Super Hero Dream Team

VR is Here, and We Are Prepared!

Flying Balloons For Google

On That Break Life


UAT Over the Break

No Man's Sky...

Minecraft: Another Day, Another Platform

WOW: Legion – Lore You Should Know Before it Drops: Part 5 of 5

Changing The Way We Interact With Phones: HoloFlex

The Night Of: The Best TV Show of the Year?

WOW: Legion – Lore You Should Know Before it Drops: Part 4 of 5

Photography Update... Ready for Repair

Top Movies of the 2016: Heart of a Dog

VAPORWAVE: The Nostalgia You Didn't Know You Had

WOW: Legion – Lore You Should Know Before it Drops: Part 3 of 5

Dragon Age - Be the Inquisitor

Who am I and what is HCI?

WOW Legion – Lore You Should Know Before it Drops: Part 2 of 5

So You Want to Play Final Fantasy XIV?

Top Movies of the 2016: Swiss Army Man

The Top 5 List

WOW: Legion - Lore You Should Know Before it Drops Part 1 of Many

Max vs. Maya - Round 2

Keys, Crates, And Every Gamble in Between

Pokemon Go-ing on an Adventure

Portfolio Review

Squarespace: Be a square!

Personal Projects


Blood and Wine

Roadtrip in 2116 Substance Painter Contest. (Updated)

Substance Painter Coming to UAT

Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim.

VR, the New Kid on the Game Industry Block

Make Happy: Bo Burnham

7 Things to be Excited About from E3

Its a Wonderful Place

Another Summer, Another Blog

152 Days of Summer: From AUS to AZ

How to be the Paragon of Paragon - Sparrow

E3 is Upon Us

The Legend of Drizzt

Phoenix Comic Con with A Hint of Crimson.

How to be the Paragon of Paragon - Muriel

True Detective… What happened?

Origin Access, 26 Games for just 5$?

Photography in Games: A New Genre?

Vacation 2016

Captain America: Civil Warning

Uncharted 4 Review

Nvidia 1080 and 1070

PlayStation Experience.

Game Production Studio

VR - The Vive is Alive

From UAT to Germany: Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival

A Bit About Me & Why I Chose UAT

Hall of Fame: Video Game Edition

The Semester's Close

20 Years of Lara Croft

Remakes Made by Dedicated Fans

The Green Light Event

Top 3 Favorite Game Companies!

Finals: A Stressed Student

Cannes Film Festival 2016 Lineup Announced!

Forcing Poor Decisions

Top 3 Video Game Movies… That are not based on video games.

Batman V.S. Superman

The Walking Dead (Spoiler Warning!)

Art + Programming?! Inconceivable!

The Paragon of Beta's

Why I Hate League of Legends

The Greatest Science Fiction Movie NEVER Made


Finally a Release Date

FBI vs Apple

Toppled - A UAT Digital Short Film

The Vue is Great from Here

Batman vs Superman: A Pretty Cool Movie

Raid on Rise: a GDC Panel

Top 5 Zack Snyder Films

Unity Particle Systems

Renaissance Festival of Arizona!

There and Back Again: What I Learned at GDC

How to Get Selected for a Film Festival

Music to Me

Crimson Nights Then to Now

Surviving College One Step At A Time - Serious Talk


Script Writing: how to writ dem words gud

Great Books

Computer Science for High Schools? YES!!!

Taking Inspiration to the Next Level

I Need My Space! - An Artist Lifestyle

Kill Bill or: How I Learned That I Wanted To Be A Filmmaker

Some of My Favorite Games

The New Faces of Film: Top 5

[Spoilers] For the Firewatch

Traditional Art: An Awesome Craft

Artistic Security

Absolute Favorite: The Legend of Zelda

Help Falls: Production Diary – Malice

The Art of Music Videos

Let's Talk: Learning Curves

Geeky Sweets

Pokémon Experience

Feeding a College Kid: So You Want to Lose Weight?

Deadpool: Over R-rated

Musical Masterpiece: Undertale

Firewatch Review (No Spoilers)

OK GO: Treadmill Beginnings

Photography - My Newest Passion

Dynasty Warriors: Why Hasn't it Died Yet?

Come Experience the UAT Experience!

Why Should We Care About The Oscars?

The Death of Gametrailers

Good Game Design: A YouTube Series

Why I Chose UAT

Motion Capture

Technology and Society

Anomalisa: Heart and Art

My Journey to UAT

The Life of a No Lifer: Blade & Soul

When is a Story too Much?

So you're a Noob

Nick's Top 5 Time Wasters: MMORPG

From Australia to UAT: A Koala-ty Story

Origin Story

Why I Chose UAT - The Nicholas Diley Story

Most Anticipated Games of 2016

So you want to get into the Kingdom Hearts series?

Finals Week Woes

Be Excited!

Post Playstation Experience

Intro to Mobile App Development: Android Studio

Student Innovation Pressure!

Pre-Playstation Experience

Powering a Goliath

Rocket Jump: The Show

Playstation Domination

Technology for the Next Generation

2D Visuals in a 3D Game - A Look at GuiltyGearXrd's Art Style

The Madden Curse

Trending Now: Post-Apocalyptic


Game Design - Diverse not Complex

The Twitch Plays Series - Start9 or Riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Gamasutra and Why it's Important to You

CISA Sees What You Did There

Playstation Now

Benefit of the Doubt

Pumpkin Carvings

Let's Go with Pokemon GO!

Sticking it to the Joystick - Game Controller Elitism

Using Filters


Pretty Cool Crafts - Mjolnir

How Many Classes Can You Handle?

Game Lengths: Do They Affect Replay Value?

Major of Choice: Computer Science

So You Want to be a Game Designer

On the Up and Achoo! College Health Tips

So You Want to be a Game Developer?

The Small Details

Computers: What do you need?

Animation That Doesn't Die

Take it from a Senior in College

Coming Soon: Dishonored 2

20 Years of Playstation

Mature Rating vs. Mature Game?

Windows 10 - Checklist (for Artists)

Keep a Small Notebook

Back Up!

Golden Joystick Awards

Moving in to UAT?!

Waiting for Greatness

Woah There Cowboy - Game Development Precautions

Collector's Editions

Sword Coast Legends

Final Fantasy Portal

Big Hero Hearts III?

Me and My Finicky Tablet

Design Reference

Grand Opening

Update Well - Increasing Multiplayer Longevity


Is CG what make a movie?

Saintly Evil

Music in Entertainment

Summer Games Done Quick - Charity Marathon

Upcoming Event: Black Hat

Virtual Reality - A New Level of Interaction

What is a Game Without Music?

Get Up

Essential Skills: Cooking

Satoru Iwata - Loss of a Hero

Return of the Weebs

Whimsy and Weird

Easter Eggs

A New Start - Moving Off Campus

Moisturize Me (Stay Hydrated!)

Create What You Want

Love is Love

Conan O'Brien: Clueless Gamer

Ponderings - Passion in the Game Industry

One week to go! Anime Expo Hype!

Creature Crazy - A Trip to the Zoo

The Witcher's End

Brutal Greatness

E3 Pacing

Cartoon Crazy Pt. 6 - Bravest Warriors

The Life of a No Lifer: Final Fantasy

E3 Aftermath

Awesome Art Tools - Inspiration & Sharing

Do you Dungeon the Dragon?

UAT at Jurassic World!

Jobs for College Students

Awesome Art Tools - Digital Painting

Stepping Back

Awesome Art Tools - Figure Drawing

Feature Creep

Becoming a Certified Adult - Furnishings

Awesome Art Tools - Sketchfab

The Wasteland Returns

The End of Brown and Bloom?

A Day in the Life of a Student Ambassador

Picturing the Future: WebP FTW!

Heavensward is upon us!

You're A Kid! You're A Squid! Splatoon!

Make Peace With Failure

The MMORPG Scene

Consistent Theme

Short Films

Why Not Settle it in Smash?!

UAT Cooking Club?

4 Reasons to Take Selfies

Scheduled Work

HD Remakes

Being Wrong is O.K.

Reviews on The Witcher 3

Dawn of a New Day: Full of Events and School

Broadening your Horizons

UAT Connect

The Countdown Begins

Why the West Coast is Better Than the East Coast?

Fan Theories

A Little At A Time

Let's Spark Controversy - Steam Workshop

Characters of the "Real" World - Animal Edition


The Upcoming Break Between Semesters

Characters of the "Real" World

Plentiful Opportunity and Events

Lack of Understanding

Living with a College Budget

Finals Oh Man!

The Divide

SIP Fair

All Aboard the Hype Train: Pokemon TCG - Roaring Skies

Cartoon Crazy Pt. 5 - Bee and Puppycat

Game Jam Excitement

Player Requests

All Aboard the Hype Train: Mother 4

Why These Games are Better Than Yours - The Last of Us

All Aboard the Hype Train: Smash Bros & Mother 3 Double Hyper Combo

Why These Games are Better Than Yours - The Walking Dead Game Season 1

Influences: Bioshock

All Aboard the Hype Train: Zelda Wii U

Why These Games are Better Than Yours - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

All Aboard the Hype Train: Bravely Second

Coming Soon: Batman Arkham Knight

How to Survive College - Part Ten

Rick Ravenell @ NAB Show

Cartoon Crazy Pt. 4 - Fin Punch

Why These Games are Better Than Yours - Dragon Age Inquisition

Coming Soon: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Why These Games are Better Than Yours - Dragon Age II

Cartoon Crazy Pt. 3 - Over the Garden Wall

Why These Games are Better Than Yours - Dragon Age: Origins

How to Survive College - Part Nine

Glitches Galore


How to Survive College - Part Eight

Cartoon Crazy Pt. 2 - Gravity Falls

Crime Literature

How to Survive College - Part Seven

Assassins Creed Unity

Mods and Putting Yourself Out There

How to Survive College - Part Six


Cartoon Crazy Pt. 1 - Steven Universe

New Eyes

Rare Women in Rare Fields

The Best Gamer Holiday

How to Survive College - Part Five

Red Riding Hood - Zbrush Texturing

The World of Digital Painting Programs - Clip Studio Paint

What's Up With Windows 10?

The World of Digital Painting Programs - Corel Painter

Witcher 3: 200+ Hours

How to Survive College - Part Four

Every Choice Is Important

Make Your Own Fonts!

Color for Everyone

League of Legends

The World of Digital Painting Programs - Krita

Following the Lore

The World of Digital Painting Programs - Paint Tool Sai

Valve @ GDC: Fanboying in 2015

A Game Design Portfolio

How to Survive College - Part Three

The World of Digital Painting Programs - Microsoft Paint

The World of Digital Painting Programs - Photoshop

The World of Digital Painting Programs - Autodesk Sketchbook

The Portfolio

How to Survive College - Part Two

Vulkan and DX12: The Future of Graphics

Career Fair Craziness

Maya or Max?

How to Survive College - Part One

Inspirational in Ireland

Quick Adjustments

Explore New Engines

Living in Tempe

What do you nerds even do on campus?

3D Printed Guns

Creative Talent Network Expo


- ̗̀NEW ̖́- Blog Post - The Importance of Naming

Cactus Con

Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

Finding Inspiration & Knowledge

World War What?!

Plan to Lose Time

Fun Times on Campus

Final Showdown: Learn Together!

Are you really feeling it?


Flub Fighter

Spoiler Alert: You Have To Talk To People

Recent Events here at UAT!

A Slice of UAT Life!

How to be a winner

A Bit About Me

The Importance of Taking a Break

Where Do Babies Come From?

New Beginnings

Digital Video Project

Finally a year

Traveling all around, but it's no biggie!


New Ambassador

Don't Force It

Finally a Break! And some Destructibles!

Summer Concert

Returning to the East Coast, Have a Great Break!

One More Week!

Asterithmic Art Jam

The End to School and some Netsec News!

The Last of Us Remastered


Burnt Out

First time 3D printing

Back from W00tstock

What People Want

What to wear on Obstacle Course Race day?

Nothing new for race day.

Impending Exposure to Everything Anime!

Common mistakes while training

I have an internship!

In The Details

AX2014: My first time in the Pacific West!

The Pay Whales

Fun Trip to Anime Expo

Steam Sales and DEX!

Steam Sales Spell Suffering

Aftermath of E3

Playing with Plaster!

Dragons here, there, in E3 and a Theater near you!

The Return of E3

Greetings Everyone!

2014 Book Challenge

Upcoming Arrangements and Subtle Gaming

Designing with Empathy

Games Need Great Stories Too

The drive

UAT Study Abroad: Return of the Molly

Keeping The Momentum

A New Semester

Off to a great start

New Semester, Let's Get It Rolling!

Paper Swans and Peter Parker

VLOGS, say what?!?!?! Zero To Spartan

End of the Semester


End of the Semester!

Elevation masks!

Praise the Sun! And Carnival News!

Never Underestimate Music


The Importance of Game Projects

Just some friendly competition.....THIS IS WAR!!!!!

Sprite Sheets

Online Ridiculousness

Astronomically Amazing and Computer Stuff

Zombie Run!

New Project

The Best Gaming Holiday

Wildstar 2nd Beta weekend and MOVING


Game Theory!

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls is Amazing!!!

Explosions and Game Releases

GDC, There and back again

The Not So Standard Weekend at UAT

Wildstar continues Lore versus gameplay

Geek Week

Creating Worlds

Another Renaissance Festival Visit

WILDSTAR OMG------ woot

Aspects of A Game

Spartan Race Explained

Sweet New Tech

Tech Trek Around the Corner!

Tech Forum- Elie Platt

Tech Forum - Brian Carson

Tech Forum - Alchemica

Tech Forum - Steve Correia

Tech Forum - Derek Iversen

Tech Forum - Ara Shirinian

Tech Forum - John G. Iannarelli

Piano Guys and Workout Jam

UAT Invades Renaissance Festival

Creating My First Game

HvZ Spring 2014 - Totally awesome

We Survived! And other news..

The face behind Bitcoin

GDC preparation

The Wonderful World of Gaming

Greetings! Let's Hack!

BURPEES and no its not burping.

Working Hard for GDC

Swirling Pools of Dark Matter Above My Eyeballs!!

SIP- Student Innovation Project

Toe Woes and Chaotic Catch-Up

Renaissance Festival

Young Justice review


Some Other Stuff to Look At

To some seriousness (I know its not a real word)

Working hard on Booty Bandits game.

Back from Break: Adventures in the New Semester

My Game Projects

Out of breath

Final Semester at UAT


Pssttt Hey Kid.... Want Some Candy?

Working on a story

New Year, Same Stuff

New year, new ambitions


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