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Network Security and Automation the next big thing!

One of the next big steps in cyber security is automation. With attacks becoming more and more automated trying to manually defend against them is a losing battle. Utilizing automation as a way to become more efficient and as a way to save on manpower.

Process Automation on the Metal Gears on Black Background.

Correlating data is one of the many things we could find use in automating. Vendors collect a ginormous amounts of threat data, but what value does it hold if the threat data is not organized? How long would it take to go through millions of reports manually? The answer is that the data is useless unless it is organized and that when automated this task only takes a couple of clicks!

You can also generate protections faster than attacks can spread. The fastest way to respond to an attack currently is to have everything automated. Once a threat is identified, protections need to be created and distributed faster than an attack can spread throughout the organization’s networksendpoints, or cloud. Because of the time penalty that analysis adds, the best place to stop the newly discovered attack is not at the location where it was discovered but at the attack’s predicted next step. Manually creating a full set of protections for the different security technologies and enforcement points capable of countering future behaviors is a lengthy process that not only moves slowly but also is extremely difficult when correlating different security vendors in your environment and not having the right control and resources. Automation can expedite the process of creating protections without straining resources, all while keeping pace with the attack.

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Posted on Sep 10, 2020 4:32:00 PM by Chad Oertel in Artificial Intelligence, in Cyber Security, in Data Science

Chad Oertel

Written by Chad Oertel

Chad Oertel is a Student Ambassador at University of Advancing Technology and is studying Advancing Computer Science and Network Security at UAT.


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