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How to Install Windows 11 on VirtualBox

Posted on Jan 12, 2022 4:10:54 PM by Vanessa Bonner in Student Work, in Tech Awareness

Windows 11 is the newest operating system released by Microsoft. It was released on October 5, 2021. This guide will help individuals who wish to install Windows 11 in a virtual machine. Join me as we install Microsoft Windows 11 in a container using VirtualBox.

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What Happened to the Modern Day Game Industry?

Posted on Dec 7, 2021 2:01:53 PM by Emilio Cress in game review, in gaming is my passion, in video game industry

Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Far Cry 6, Cyberpunk 2077, Watch_Dog: Legion, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Remastered, and plenty more unnamed titles. What do all of these titles have in common? Each and every one of these is a slap in the face to consumers everywhere. Each and every one of these titles is a testament to just how out of touch game developers are with their own player base. After the past couple of months, or even years, you might find yourself wondering the exact same thing I am. What happened to the modern day game industry?

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Hitstun Mechanics: the Best or the Worst

Posted on Nov 4, 2021 5:14:42 PM by Emilio Cress in gameplay, in moba

A game mechanic as old as video games itself, hitstun has been incorporated into just about every game genre and type. God of War, Yakuza, Dark Souls, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Legend of Zelda, you name it, chances are it will have some form of hitstun.

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GitHub Wants Your Policy Proposals

Posted on Oct 25, 2021 5:20:17 PM by Micah Turpin in Cyber Security, in UAT News

In light of the recent leak of Twitch’s source code (over 6,000 private GH repositories) and other information, through a 125GB data torrent over, GitHub (GH) is now stepping up their policies for server configuration and standardizing metrics for use by developers on GH. With everything from indexing methodologies to configuration policies, GH has started a campaign that is aimed at gathering policy proposals from the developer community, in order to get a more diverse view of the situation and a wider range of potential solutions. A couple examples of proposed policies already are from GitHub developers TC39 and WebAssembly, covering a proposed indexing method and content security policies, respectively.

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How Technology Affected Fast Food Franchises and Their Technology During the Pandemic

Posted on Oct 15, 2021 8:48:11 AM by Matthew Reynolds in Business Technology

Undoubtedly Covid-19 has affected many of us in many different ways, but how has it affected fast food franchises use of technology in their everyday work?

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Posted on Sep 8, 2021 6:09:34 PM by Emily Szymanski in Student Work, in UAT News

Descendant was created for UAT’s Storyboarding course. It follows the tale of two sides in a multi-generational war. The two sides, which are tense around each-other, end up battling due to a misinterpretation.

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Creative Artificial Intelligence

Posted on Jul 1, 2021 1:21:00 PM by Kody Mitchell

Most people would think that a program, even artificial intelligence, could not do something creative such as create art or compose music. Those kinds of skills are reserved for humans who innately possess creative qualities. But what would you think if I told you that AI has already learned how to draw, how to compose music, how to carry a conversation, and so much more? For example, here is the picture of a person: 

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AI: Pixels faces into Photos

Posted on Jun 26, 2021 1:21:00 PM by Isis Boone in Artificial Intelligence

Do you ever wonder how much AI can be modified and turned into something else? Something cool or innovative that could help someone or society in any way. I wondered that too as I am studying Artificial Intelligence at the University of Advancing Technology. Looking into articles on how AI can be innovated or changed for the better or maybe the worse. During my Research, I found something cool I have not seen before that had to do with the future of AI.

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Some of the Best 3D Printers on the Market

Posted on Jun 8, 2021 1:22:00 PM by Isis Boone in 3D printers, in 3D modeling

As someone who is passionate for 3D printing, I would want to know what the best 3D printer are out on the market that are affordable but worth what you want them for. I did some research after going through the different types of 3D printers that I would want for business purposes. I currently just purchase an Ender 5 Pro 3D printer made by Creatily. I am happy with my purchase as it works for what I need to do for commissions. Let’s get into it!

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Machine Learning Magic

Posted on May 18, 2021 1:34:25 PM by Kody Mitchell

The term Machine Learning gets thrown around a lot recently, but what does it really mean and how does it work? Imagine a task that is simple for us humans, reading a sentence, or even just recognizing a character on a piece of paper. That is a task so simple that it is literally taught to 5-year-olds, some of which are not yet trained how to use a toilet, but for a computer this is normally a very difficult task. A program is a collection of statements and conditions, meaning that the programmer tells a computer what to do for every situation it encounters. This is not possible for things like handwriting; everyone writes differently. So how can machines read handwriting? That is where machine learning comes in.

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