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Coming Soon: Dishonored 2

Posted on Sep 15, 2015 10:56:41 AM by Admin in Blogs, in gameplay, in Dishonored, in excited

When the first Dishonored was released it seemed to kind of take the world by surprise.  At least from my perspective it almost seemed like the game came from no where and struck audiences from the shadows, not unlike the games protagonist Corvo Anttano.  The game was exceptional, and allowed players to either careful move through the world without killing, or you could wreak havoc upon your enemies killing indiscriminately.  The story was interesting and well formed, the art style was incredible, the city of Dunwall itself seemed to come alive and by the end of the game no matter how you played it you felt like a truly powerful assassin in the night.  That isn't to say the game isn't without faults: the fact you couldn't destroy lights was odd to say the least but I think perhaps that might have been a technical decision, though I played non-lethal by the time I got to the end screen it often seemed to think I had somehow "killed" someone, and other players had some minor complaints about the non-lethal route in general.  They would point out, that there aren't many tools to get through the game in a non-lethal manner.  That the game is geared in such a way that it encourages you to kill them.  Personally, I feel they missed the point.  This is part of the choice in the game, because as an assassin it's always easier to simply kill.

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