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A Final Break

Posted on Aug 17, 2017 12:19:21 PM by Gage Roland in beach, in Student Life, in Break

Today I will finish my last final when I present a site that my team and I built this semester that interacts with an online database. Once that is completed, I can relax for a couple of days before heading home for a semester break. I am so excited to be going back home to Baton Rouge, for two weeks to see my family and friends. My niece turned two-years-old during this semester, so I am interested to see how much she's changed since I've last saw her.

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On That Break Life

Posted on Sep 7, 2016 5:06:17 PM by Edward Cieslak in Blogs, in Fire Mage, in Break, in Family, in world of warcraft

What's up all my dudes and dudettes! This is my first ever blog post so please be gentle with the criticism lol. So to begin my name is Edward Cieslak, I'm 22 years old, was born in Milwaukee WI, have a beautiful wife of 4 years named Taylor and 2 daughter one named Avia and the other on the way in the next 2 weeks. My major of study is ACS and I've just finished my freshman year. I'm really enjoying my time here at UAT and with this new job as Student Ambassador it's like a cherry on top of my sundae.

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