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Posted on Oct 21, 2015 2:32:41 PM by Admin in Blogs, in final fantasy 7, in kickstarter, in concept, in Exercise, in Game Design, in indie

As a quick aside, these games ARE NOT associated with UAT at all.  I want to clear that up right away just to avoid any possible confusion.  With that being said, this was a really cool project that I stumbled upon recently.  It's called Final Fantasy VII Re-imagined.  To me it's not only a cool concept but an amazing design exercise you could practice on your own.  What if your favorite game was a different style of game entirely.  We're not talking "Turn a FPS into a TPS", but instead an RPG into a beat-em-up like has been done with Final Fantasy VII.  The game is just a demo but you can download it for free and give it a shot.  It's really interesting to see how they translated everything over and kept the game as intuitive and smooth as they could.  For instance, the materia system still exists and it's been incorporated into the combos as you make your way thorugh the game.  There's something really satisfying about  finishing a combo and having lightning smite your enemy on the final blow.  You can download the demo here:  Final Fantasy Re-Imagined

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Get Up

Posted on Jul 16, 2015 5:49:13 PM by Admin in Blogs, in Movement, in Exercise, in Problem Solving, in Productivity

It should perhaps be stated first of all that I'm not the most physically fit individual you will ever meet.  I'm really not huge by any means, but I'm frankly I'm happy with myself.  With my career path being what it is, it means that I will spend the majority of my time in front of a computer and there are some would use this as an excuse to never do anything other than be at a computer.  However, the truth of the matter is that every often you really do need to get up.  I'm not saying "Go run a mile" or "Start working on those six pack abs" I mean you can if you want I certainly won't discourage you, but at very least you need to just get up and take a little walk.  Skipping over the physical health benefits: stretching your legs, helping prevent cramps, reduce eye strain, etc, it actually does a lot for you mentally.

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