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Posted on May 20, 2015 4:03:39 PM by Admin in Blogs, in Deliverables, in Schedule, in Work

While you're in school is an excellent time to form good work habits.  Making sure your stuff is that you are delivering what you are being expected to deliver, its done on time, and the work you do has been done well.  All of those points are really important but the one I would like to stress for the moment is first on the list.  Sometimes you are being told exactly what you need to develop at that moment and other times you might have the freedom to make your own schedule.  With the latter its important to remember that you are still on a schedule!  The reason I bring this up is because in game development everything is done on a schedule.  It tends to be really difficult to impossible to do things out of order and have everything still do what you need it too.  Everything you do is part of a greater whole, and if the pieces can't be constructed in a meaningful way then it leads to nothing but problems.

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