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Sharing my Thoughts on Dungeons & Dragons: DM Edition

Posted on Sep 29, 2016 1:09:44 PM by Shawn McCoy in 3.5, in Blogs, in Dm, in d&d, in dungeon master, in dungeons and dragons

So I have run a couple of D&D campaigns over the past 6 years or so, and I would like to share my experiences with it. This all started freshman year of high school with a couple of friends whom I hadn’t talked to since middle school. They went to the rival high school, so you can see why we didn’t keep in touch as much. Anyways, we still talked every once in a while, and they mentioned they were running a D&D campaign and they needed players. Since I had never played before there was a bit of a learning curve. We started with 3.5 and stuck to that system. Anyways we started playing and I was immediately hooked. We played for anywhere from 5-10 hours every Friday for the next 4 years. It got to the point where we were always playing in some campaign and we rotated through people who wanted to be the Dungeon Master. My friend Chris was our first DM and I like to think he was the best. The stories were cohesive, interesting, and had some sort of medium difficulty level for our group. He claimed that he was making most of the story up as we went, which was something I found amazing. Eventually I would go on to become a DM who does the same thing, but we will get to that later. We ran upwards of 10 different campaigns over the years, some much longer than others. When I eventually started running my own campaigns I quickly found out that using Homebrew classes and mechanics made the game far more interesting to me. This would become my style of DMing eventually, but for now I was just a young buck trying to make the best campaign I could.

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Dragon Age - Be the Inquisitor

Posted on Aug 2, 2016 12:04:27 PM by Admin in Blogs, in d&d, in dragon age, in dungeons and dragons, in visual

Hello all,

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The Legend of Drizzt

Posted on Jun 7, 2016 12:03:54 PM by Shawn McCoy in Blogs, in Books, in d&d, in Drow, in dungeons and dragons, in Elf, in Legend of Drizzt, in R.A. Salvatore, in Reading, in UnderDark, in visual

Recently I came across a new book series called the Legend of Drizzt. While this series is not exactly new, it was new to me. I stumbled across the first book in a Barnes and Noble back home in San Diego. It was written by R.A. Salvatore, which is a name I recognized, and it was in the same area as the Dungeons and Dragons books which I was already looking at. I figured I needed some new books to read and picked it up. This turned out to be an amazing decision. I never ended up reading it until almost a year or two later, but when I did I immediately ordered quite a few of the next books. Now for a spoiler-free synopsis.

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Sword Coast Legends

Posted on Aug 25, 2015 9:34:35 AM by Admin in Blogs, in DnD, in games, in d&d, in dungeons and dragons, in Sword coast Legends, in visual

Hello all!

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Do you Dungeon the Dragon?

Posted on Jun 13, 2015 5:39:03 PM by Admin in Blogs, in board games, in games, in student life, in Student Life, in tabletop games, in Adventure, in campaign, in d&d, in dungeon master, in dungeons and dragons, in game reviews

Greetings and salutations everyone!

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Broadening your Horizons

Posted on May 12, 2015 10:31:55 AM by Admin in blog, in Blogs, in student life, in d&d, in dungeons and dragons, in trying new things

Hello All!

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