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Posted on Jul 10, 2015 10:07:01 AM by Admin in Blogs, in Fools Gold, in Morrowind, in Mudcrab Merchant, in fun, in Game Design, in The Elder Scrolls, in The Witcher 3, in Weird, in Whimsy

It should be no secret that creating a great game should be all about creating a fun game.  What exactly makes something fun is debatable to say the very least as opinions on this matter vary wildly.  Everyone looks for different things and taking a game from great to unforgettable takes a combination of many things.  For myself, one of the things that can make a game truly unforgettable are just the little touches of whimsy and weird that they through into a game.  These are things that feel like the moments of real life that elicits the response "No, I'm serious.  You can't make this stuff up!"  Truth is though, you can make it up but the problem is that it often can't feel force in any way shape or form.  It has to be something you stumble upon on your own and it definitely feels like something not every player will experience.  Perhaps one of the best and clearest examples I can think of is this guy:

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