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2020 Astronomy Events You Can See at UAT

Posted on Dec 31, 2019 1:36:00 PM by Bailey Nielsen in events, in space, in campus life, in courses, in cool courses, in space expedition

While Phoenix is not exactly known for its night skies, Arizona is. On a new moon night, the desert lights up with the cosmos around us. There are quite a few cool astronomical events that will occur next year that you will be able to see within town and on the UAT campus.

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My First Semester

Posted on Jul 3, 2019 2:42:00 PM by Marcos Xochihua in Network Security, in semester, in freshman, in UAT Classes, in cool courses

My first semester here was quite an experience. I envisioned an experience completely different than what occurred. I expected it to be a struggle rushing from class to class. Instead, I found myself relaxed. The homework is reasonable, and the due dates are well spread out, giving me more than enough time to get it done. My experience at UAT has been more enjoyable than my high school experience. UAT has its own experience...

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