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Posted on Dec 16, 2015 2:04:58 PM by Admin in Blogs, in excitement, in Game Design, in Game Development, in Presentations

As a developer, there will be times that you will need to pitch a game to a group of producers, investors, peers, etc.  Over the past few days I've watched quite a few pitches from my peers for various games without a variety of results.  Frankly there are many things that you should be thinking about in this situation to help make your pitch a success.  A presentation of some kind helps, games are a visual medium so your presentation should be visual as well.  Yet you could get by without one, though I would certainly say it's not recommended.  You could have a working prototype of your game that you put together from pre-existing material so people could potentially play the game to get an idea before hand.  Once again though, it's extremely helpful but not always an entirely possible route to take.  There is though one thing that I would say is absolutely indispensable when you are pitching a new game: excitement.

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E3 Pacing

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 3:16:38 PM by Admin in Blogs, in gaming, in Pacing, in Cycles, in E3, in excitement

So it's that glorious time of year known as E3 and there is much to be happy about.  Great games being revealed, footage of games we already know about, and of course the surprises.  This E3 in particular actually brought an end to some of the "jokes" of the game industry, that is to say games that seem to be stuck in development hell.  The Last Guardian for example, was announced at the start of the life cycle of the Playstation 3 and didn't get a release window until just this year.  Personally, I'm a much bigger fan of "it's ready when it's ready" rather than "it will be out X-day of this year come hell or high water."  Don't get me wrong, deadlines are an important part of any project but sometimes certain considerations have to be made.  However, that isn't what this post is about so at least for now we'll put that on the back burner.

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New Year, Same Stuff

Posted on Jan 17, 2014 11:35:08 AM by Admin in Student Life, in excitement, in goals, in new year, in same stuff, in things

The title makes it sound like I am very pessimistic, but really I just feel indifferent. It's a brand new year, but nothing has changed. Many people will use the new year to set new goals and have resolutions. I don't see why that can't happen any time of the year. So for this post I am not going to tell you all about my revelations that I need to do something different. I feel that what I am doing right now is the way I want to be. And if that ever needs to change, then I can change it at any time.

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