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Why University of Advancing Technology (UAT)?

I wanted to write about the structure and importance of the specific classes that are required at UAT for the network security program as I am a network security student. The reason I believe this plays so much importance is the fact that university is not just an experience of learning only your core information, but also a time in life that shapes you as an individual for life. UAT takes a different approach to many classes that differs from most university's or colleges.




Classes like law, ethics, thinking strategies are all classes I had to take to get where I am. These courses have been some of the most influencing courses in the way I think and function throughout life. I usually never realized the changes until I flew home (I am an out of state student) and could have much more educated discussion with many individuals and my family that I would not have been able to have prior. Having the skill to portray this information in a conversation and being a well-rounded individual can be the difference between getting a job or losing a job.




These classes level an individual as far as thinking ability and ethical standing. Being well rounded as a student and individual I believe is one of the most important things to gain from university or college.

UAT offers a Synchronic Learning model designed especially for students of advancing technology. Tailored to both undergraduate and graduate students, Synchronic Learning provides an education framework that prepares superior graduates to become tomorrow’s innovators.


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