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Due to recent events, UAT has transitioned to online classes. But how do you go from an on-ground class to online and still remain the successful student you are? From a student who takes both online and on ground classes, here are a few tricks I use to help get me through.

Write out my assignments for the week

What assignments are due that week, how many points are they worth, and how much time will each take to complete? Make a list and order them by importance: due date, estimated time to complete and points. Work on what is due first. I myself work on large point assignments first then work towards smaller ones. Larger assignments are likely going to take the most amount of time, so take breaks and work on the smaller ones. I like to do smaller assignments from a different class. Then the best part of the list is crossing off the finished assignment.

time-371226_640Reward yourself with breaks

I work on a 1-hour block, 45 minutes of working 15-minute break. These times can be adjusted to whatever you feel is best for yourself and your schedule. With this system I know that if I focus and work for at least 45 minutes I can do what I want for 15 minutes then get back to it. On days that I know I am going to be working all day I will do this cycle three times, take a half hour to hour break, and repeat. Set timers and hold yourself to them; you would be surprised how much you can get done in a dedicated 45 minutes.


If you are having problems or don’t understand the assignment, ask your professor. They don’t bite, especially online. Online courses can be more challenging and the professors understand. They are are willing help where ever they can. For myself, I know that sometimes I have a hard time putting my question into an email and it can be frustrating. Many professors will allow you to call or Skype them to have further discussions. While I would try not to send a million emails, don’t be afraid to keep searching for the answer.


Join the live sessions

If you can, join the Teams live sessions with your teachers. The classes are still taught with screen recording. And the teacher is right there, ready to answer questions. You don’t have to wonder when they will respond because they are going to see the questions within that class time. If you are unable to join the live sessions, watch the recordings. Teams recordings only stay for a week so watch them quickly.


If something is stopping you from doing your assignments, let your teacher know. If you have a job the overlaps the class time, let your professor know. Each professor has specific office hours, but they will work with you to find a time that fits best.

Work ahead

If you can, work ahead in your classes. A good majority of the assignments and course materials are available on canvas. Work ahead in the assignments and still ask questions. If you finish the class early, then that is less stress to worry about. If you don’t have time to work ahead, look at what assignments are coming up and what you know you will need to prepare for.Canvas-Logo



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