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Tour After Tour: When Hard Work Pays Off

Today, I had to face a total of 5 tours happening within not even a 5 hour time span. It was a lot that I had to handle after a week of being sick, but it wasn’t like I haven’t dealt with harder tasks before. But, when these things happen, it really shows the harder sides of being a Student Ambassador.


The group that came was a very interesting and fun bunch! All of them were interested in game design, which is great, considering the fact that I am an aspiring game designer myself. I had already planned out what I wanted to speak about during the tour and was on my way to deliver it. However, more people kept on coming on to the tour as time went on, making it to where I had to stop the tour and run these new people through a shorter version of our introduction. So I was constantly trying to talk about what we cater to game design, while also making sure that no one was getting left behind or confused.

Once I delivered that tour, it would only be 30 minutes until I had to give another tour. This one was into UX design, which was actually a first for me. I gave tours to mostly game design, computer science, and network/cybersecurity students, but never a student interested in UX. At least this gave me the ability to talk about my experience in UX and what I am doing within my current internship.

I can not say that what happened today was not hard, but I also can not say that this was not fun and interesting for me. Especially in the case of the UX designer student. I want to be able to see new kinds of people with new interests so that I can expand on my ability to talk about that subject and make my tours more interesting for others!

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