GAA220 Environment & FX Course

Below are the impressive midterm projects completed for Jorge Portillo's GAA220 Environment and FX Course, completed within a 7-week timeframe. The objective of these projects was to develop a stunning 3D Ancient Environment with a focus on the exterior.

The talented students involved in this course have created a range of assets, including props, walls, ruins, and a complex centerpiece. These models will be further enhanced in the GAA240 Texturing Class next semester.

Take a moment to explore the incredible work of these students:

Dakota Thatchter

Dakota Thatchter project

Dylan Hamilton

Dylan Hamilton project-1

Marisa Springer

Marisa Springer project


Posted on Dec 8, 2023 9:10:46 AM by Natalie Waxenberg in UAT Classes

Natalie Waxenberg

Written by Natalie Waxenberg


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