Hobbies and Stress Relief

Do you have a hobby that makes you feel like everything is all good in your world? Hobbies are a great way to spend your open time to be productive and learn something new. Spending time on an activity that you have fun with or enjoy can improve your mental health. Among all the research having a hobby, you are less likely to suffer from stress, low moods, and depression. Have you found your hobby that lets you let go? Having a hobby can either be a personal thing or a group thing, depending on what you want it to be. A hobby can be anything you enjoy enough to keep doing it time and time again.

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Recently, I have taken up rollerblading as a hobby since I had a lot more time on my hands. With firsthand knowledge, I am way less stressed and happier when I rollerblade. The hobby helps me escape the stress from being a college student and needing to worry about anything else in life. I can tell you, that's what matters. That it is something you find meaningful and enjoyable.

Having hobbies can improve your feelings of anxiety and depression; these hobbies can help you fight these feelings and improve your mental health. Doing whatever hobby, you choose can help with rediscover what your interests or strengths are, if you have felt like you lost what you can do. Hobbies gives you a burst of peace and recovery in what can be an extremely hard path to walk. Everyone needs an outlet to have an opportunity to express yourself with being able to relax.

What will you choose to be your next hobby or outlet? It can be anything from music to gardening to fishing to writing to video games! Below I have linked some references to view if you want to investigate more about having hobbies and escaping stress.


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Isis Boone

Written by Isis Boone

Isis Boone is a Student Ambassador and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Embedded Systems student at UAT. Isis wanted to originally go into the medical field, but chose technology so she could create applications, gadgets and equipment for those in need.


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