AI Mozart

I've always wondered how AI would change our world and how we live. I thought about how it would help us when it came to chatbots, robots, manufacturing, production, travel, and analyzing data to help us get a better understanding of certain concepts to give us ideas. But one thing in particular that I never really thought about was AI helping us compose music let alone create original music. There is a YouTube channel called Aiva which has videos demonstrating the capabilities of AI generated music. AI isn't constrained to just one single music genre; AI generated music can generate music for a variety of different music genres. AI can generate classical music, heavy metal, country, rock, pop, blues rock, classic pop, lo-fi, and jazz. Any major music genres you can think of AI can either help you compose a song or straight up generate its own.

Now how does AI generate music? Using what's called a deep learning network which is a system in place where AI receives a massive amount of data to analyze. From there the AI will learn from all the data it's analyzing to find specific patterns that it deems would complete a task. So in the case of AI generating music the deep learning network implemented within the AI. Would analyze chords, tempo, length, and how the musical notes relate to each other. And then from their it will learn how to produce its own melodies. 

AI generated music isn't even a small thing in the tech community as there are already companies created on the idea of selling a product/service that would help other companies, organizations, and institutions in composing music. There are also major tech companies that are building and investing to create their own AI music generator. As we have IBM creating one under the name of Watson Beat and Google with Magenta. There are also many GitHub projects that are based of creating an AI that composes music.

You can learn to develop an AI that can compose music as their are tutorial videos and websites that will teach you using different techniques. Now we haven't gotten to the point where AI can generate a song that becomes a major success like a song from the Beatles or Queen. It might be shocking at first to learn that you might be listening to music created from AI. But as time goes on and people continue researching how AI can improve on composing music. It won't be long until we listen to music in our car radio or flying car radio. Or listening to music while we work or study. Or we attend concerts where AI composed the sounds behind the music while a person sings. Or just listening to music in general that we won't be shocked at all to learn that the music we've been listening to was from an AI Mozart.


Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash


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Photo by Sašo Tušar on Unsplash

Posted on Oct 3, 2020 3:37:00 PM by Zinedin Bautista in Artificial Intelligence

Zinedin Bautista

Written by Zinedin Bautista

Zin Bautista is a Student Ambassador and Advancing Computer Science major at University of Advancing Technology. He is the first in his family to graduate from high school and attend a college/university. No matter the obstacles he has the motivation to accomplish any task as an individual and as a teammate.


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