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If you have ever played Overcooked 2, then you'll know what I mean when I say that it is such a fun game to play with friends. This game will have you go from having the most fun to rage quitting in one sitting. This game is best played with a companion, which you can either do online or in-person using the same screen.

Overcooked 2 is a bubbly and happy game, but it also has a mix of Unbread (zombie bread) added in throughout the play world. It is your job to make sure you defeat the Unbread while moving through different levels to learn new recipes. The art style is very bubbly, everything has a roundness to it. Even the characters have a roundness to them and nothing besides the tables have hard edging. The tables in each level are used to place your food and plates onto.

The level design is always new and fun, and the replay-ability of each level is very high. The level select screen is also very fun, allowing both players to control the van that drives around the map. This is a fun element because you can fight over who is driving and who gets to drive around hitting the Unbread. The Unbread design is simple and cute (shown below).

Overcooked 2: Beware the Unbread!

You are able to choose the character design for the chef. You can choose to be human, such as a grandma or a young man, or you can choose to be an animal, such as a mouse, alligator or unicorn. Each chef as their own quirky personality added to their design. The unicorn wears sunglasses, the grandma wears earrings and large, round glasses and has curly, white hair, and the raccoon is in a wheelchair. Each character also wears a cute apron and scarf. The concept art for this game is really amazing. This game does offers more characters with more DLCs and others events. These ones are cute so cute!ArtStation - Overcooked 2 Concepts Characters/Environments

If you haven't had the chance to play the Overcooked games yet, I highly recommend them. In addition to the amazing storyline, they also have the cute animal characters. It's also a great game to bond over with your friends.

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