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Surprise Guest at Spring Festival: An Alpaca

As a student at UAT, there are a lot of super fun opportunities on campus that allow us students to have an amazing college experience. Already this year, UAT has hosted tons of great activities, such as movie nights, dodgeball, and most recently the Spring Festival! This quickly became my favorite event. 

To set the scene, there were tables of our current campus clubs set up, yards games and the Gardening Club even hosted a pot painting activity. The Book Club had a pull-the-longest-bookmark game, similar to the pull-the-longest-straw game, if you've ever played it. Whoever pulled the longest bookmark won a prize, which is always exciting. The Drone Club flew their drones around, and what was really awesome about that is you could see what other events were taking place in the quad from the eyes of the drone.

One of the best parts was the dunk tank—you could dunk a member of UAT's staff! Each person was dunked at least twice and it was hilarious every time. Next to the dunk tank was face painting. I did a glitter freckle look with pink paint on my cheeks like blush. Check out UAT's Instagram account to see what other students got done.

My favorite part of the festival was the petting zoo. I spent the majority of my time there because there was an alpaca. There were so many cute and cool animals who were all so well-behaved. There were chickens, bunnies, a pig, a tortoise, goats and even ducks. I took a ton of pictures with the animals and had such a fun time.

We can't forget about the food! There was a food truck that served classic fair foods—churros, pretzels and so much more. It was nice to have the food truck there, and even better, if you signed up for the event you were given three food tickets. Who doesn't love free food? If you missed out this time, definitely make sure to check it out next time there is a student festival on campus!


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