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Some things that might not be evident from an outside view are that at UAT if you are truly searching for a family you will find one. We all come from different walks of life and it can be intimidating. I personally come from a tech background but I am not 100% into all the exact same things as some of the primary demographic. For instance, I am not super well versed in popular culture which is something I have come to learn many students have knowledge about.




Coming to UAT was a scary experience, just like leaving for any new unfamiliar environment but over time I found there were many individuals who I found I get along with. Not to mention I do not just interact on a daily basis with the students but the faculty as well. I would say I interact with faculty and staff of UAT just as much as my fellow peers. I also see many individuals from different walks of life that I would not have most likely interacted with otherwise but have become close friends with. At UAT we are not just a community of students but a family of individuals interested in pursuing technology.



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Posted on Dec 8, 2019 11:00:00 AM by Andrew Maddox in Student Life, in Student Ambassador, in UAT, in Geek 411

Andrew Maddox

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