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Digital Art vs. Traditional Art

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Digital art is something I've only recently picked up since attending University of Advancing Technology (UAT). Before, I only had the resources to sketch on pieces of paper verses using a drawing tablet, iPad, laptop, etc. due to the cost. While I still haven't purchased my own, I am now able to use the computers in the Commons that have the Wacom Tablets attached to them for my work. Since attending UAT, it's been easy for me to pick up on digital art. With almost two years now under my belt, I can confidently say that I know the basics and can some really beautiful art. However,, I will always continue to learn more about digital art.

Since a very young age, I've been working with traditional art. My mother is an artist, and she started teaching me early on how to properly shade shapes and how to have fun while coloring that led me to painting with acrylic on canvas. One time I painted over a painting she was in the middle of working on, and she still has it to this day. When I was about twelve or thirteen years old, I started painting more and experimenting on different objects instead of just canvas. I painted on old vinyl records and ever decided to give water colors a try. Around this time is when I sold my first painting which was a Cheshire Cat inspired acrylic painting.

Since I was afforded the opportunity to learn digital art, I have found that I rarely use my sketchpads and paints anymore. I no longer find myself at local thrift stores looking for something fun to paint on or buying picture frames to paint on the glass. I do get random bursts of inspiration when I'm watching TikTok and see something new and fun to try, which is nice. Nowadays, I use a lot of my time either playing or studying video games, or creating my digital art for my classes and portfolio.

In terms of V.S., I honestly can't find a favorite, but there will always be a place for traditional art in my heart, despite not practicing it as often as I'd like to. Digital art is more convenient and helpful. All the tools used throughout the degree are very nice and can even help with shaky hands. It's convenient if you own your own iPad, you're able to draw anywhere, with all the colors, without having to carry a million different things in your bag. There is something about traditional art that has a certain aesthetic that can never be replaced, will remain always remain timeless and cool.