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UAT's Creation and Simulation Majors Shine in Spring 2024

Student Innovation Projects Showcase Cutting-Edge Creations in Spring 2024 Semester

The Spring 2024 semester at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) has once again highlighted the creative prowess of students within the Creation and Simulation Degree Family. This family of majors, which includes Digital Maker + Fabrication, Human Computer Interaction, Robotics + Embedded Systems, and Virtual Reality, encourages students to push the boundaries of technology through their Student Innovation Projects (SIPs). These projects are akin to a master's thesis but with a more dynamic and enjoyable approach, culminating in significant additions to the students' professional portfolios.

At UAT, the SIPs represent the pinnacle of student ingenuity and dedication. The following standout projects from the Creation and Simulation Degree Family exemplify the innovative spirit and technical expertise that UAT fosters in its students.

Vision AIre

  • Student: Casey Raiford
  • Major: Robotics and Embedded Systems
  • Award: Ingenuity Prize

Casey Raiford’s project, Vision AIre, earned the prestigious Ingenuity Prize. This project showcases advanced robotics integrated with artificial intelligence to enhance visual processing capabilities. Vision AIre is a testament to Casey’s expertise in both robotics and AI, pushing the envelope in automated visual recognition systems.

Calming Pets

  • Student: Malia Baker
  • Majors: Robotics and Embedded Systems, Digital Maker + Fabrication
  • Project Description: An app designed to assist individuals through the Emotional Support Animal (ESA) process.

Malia Baker's dual-major background facilitated the development of Calming Pets, an innovative application aimed at easing the ESA certification process. This project not only combines technical proficiency with compassionate design but also addresses a growing need for support in mental health services.

The Hybrid Controller

  • Student: Ian Sbar
  • Majors: Robotics and Embedded Systems, Digital Maker + Fabrication
  • Project Description: A unique video game controller that merges the button layout of arcade fightsticks with the analog stick from an Xbox controller.

Ian Sbar’s Hybrid Controller redefines the gaming experience by merging traditional arcade fightstick designs with modern console controller features. This hybrid approach caters to fighting game enthusiasts seeking precision and versatility, showcasing Ian’s innovative approach to gaming peripherals.

Animal Encounter App

  • Student: Kevin Millard-Smead
  • Major: Human Computer Interaction
  • Project Description: An application designed to enhance user interactions with animals in various environments.

Kevin Millard-Smead’s Animal Encounter App leverages human-computer interaction principles to create an engaging platform for users to learn about and interact with animals. This app represents the application of HCI in creating meaningful and educational user experiences.

3D Printed Robotics Gripper

  • Student: Jacob Stieneker
  • Major: Robotics and Embedded Systems
  • Awards: Best in Show, Viewers Choice

Jacob Stieneker's 3D Printed Robotics Gripper, which won both the Best in Show and Viewers Choice awards, epitomizes the intersection of digital fabrication and robotics. This project highlights the potential of 3D printing technology in creating efficient and customizable robotic components, setting a new standard in the field.

These projects are just a glimpse into the diverse and groundbreaking work produced by UAT students. Each project not only advances technological innovation but also showcases the practical application of the students' skills and knowledge. The Creation and Simulation Degree Family continues to be a beacon of technological advancement, preparing students to become the next generation of leaders and innovators in their respective fields. For more information on these exciting projects, faculty highlights, and alumni successes, explore the UAT Tech Blog and showcase events.


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