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I recently have been working on a lot of backend scripts and HTML work for the University of Advancing technology. This work has been so much fun! I enjoy working on code and getting to the bottom of automating my boring tasks. That is one thing I have learned from doing this work recently. Always automate the boring stuff. I always find that automating everything I don’t want to do, gives me experience in important skills such as HTML work through Hubspot and Python automation of data entry.

These skills are so valuable to employers and something that not a lot of people in the actual market nowadays can adhere to. I find the experience is very transferable as well. I also find it useful when I do a project to build a template so that I can easily do the same tasks faster if a similar project is given to me.

I have really enjoyed working with HTML, especially because my experience prior to working here was slim to none. So having the opportunity to work on actual websites that are being using in the real world industry is awesome. This will give me work to put on my resume that will hopefully give me a leg up when applying for jobs.

I am excited to see where the rest of being a student ambassador gets me. In both experience, work to put on my resume and in pure connections. My next project is going to be a personal website to host my resume and an API linked to a database just to learn how to create a standing website. These are skills that I learned here at the University of Advancing Technology and even though I got myself here I still have all my friends to thank for helping me find the way.