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Student Innovation Projects for the Spring 2024 Semester in Cyber Security at UAT

Student Innovation Projects for the Spring 2024 Semester in Cyber Security at UAT

As the Spring 2024 semester unfolds at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT), the spotlight shines brightly on the remarkable Student Innovation Projects (SIPs) crafted by the graduating class within the Cyber Security degree family. This prestigious technology university, known for fostering leaders and innovators, has seen its students push the boundaries of what is possible in Network Engineering, Network Security, and Technology Forensics.

The Student Innovation Project (SIP) is a cornerstone of UAT's curriculum, equivalent to a master’s thesis but infused with the creativity and excitement that define UAT’s educational philosophy. These projects not only encapsulate the students' learning and ingenuity but also serve as significant portfolio pieces, showcasing their readiness to enter and transform the workforce.


  • Students: Diego Johnson and Tyler Prettyman
  • Major: Network Security
  • Description: Diego Johnson and Tyler Prettyman have developed "Pi-Fortress," a user-friendly security device aimed at simplifying robust cybersecurity measures for everyday users. 

    Our innovative device is designed with modularity at its core, ensuring it seamlessly adapts to the unique needs of every household. Whether you’re looking for features of Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs), and DNS services, or other advanced functionalities, our system has got you covered.

    The beauty lies in its simplicity: just attach the device to your router, and with a few configuration steps, you’re all set. Powered by the versatile Raspberry Pi, our project will offer a web interface for effortless setup and management. Elevate your home’s digital security with a tailored experience like never before!

    But that’s not all! For the tech enthusiasts and professionals out there, our advanced configuration mode offers unparalleled flexibility. Dive deep into industry-standard network services, experiment with tools, and expand your expertise with equipment you might not encounter in your daily professional environment. Up your network’s security and your knowledge, all in one go!

Shoe Lock

  • Student: Guillermo Marquez
  • Major: Network Security
  • Description: Guillermo’s project, "Shoe Lock," introduces a technology of GPS tracking discreetly within children's shoes so that parents can have peace of mind while their children are playing, and can also be a device to help find children that have gone missing. 


  • Student: Divaco Colbert
  • Majors: Network Security and Network Engineering
  • Description: "MIMR" is an educational website created by Divaco Colbert, offering practical advice and insights into the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. This platform is dedicated to informing and educating users about current risks and vulnerabilities, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate the digital landscape safely. Divaco’s dual focus in Network Security and Network Engineering is evident in the comprehensive and technically robust content provided by MIMR.


  • Student: Christopher Perme
  • Majors: Network Security and Technology Forensics
  • Description: Christopher Perme’s project Enforcer aims to bring you an incredibly reliable and durable product capable of shipping any product safely anywhere in the world, while keeping you in the loop as to who is viewing your product if they elect to perform an inspection during transit.
  • Award: Most market Viable Award

These projects reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of the Cyber Security degree family at UAT. Each SIP not only demonstrates the technical skills and creative thinking of its creators but also underscores UAT’s commitment to producing graduates who are ready to lead and innovate in their respective fields. The Spring 2024 semester’s projects are a testament to the cutting-edge education provided at this top technology university, where students are encouraged to explore, innovate, and excel.


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