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Student Innovation Projects for the Spring 2024 Semester in Digital Arts

In the Spring 2024 Student Innovation Project Showcase, students in the Digital Arts degree family at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) revealed their remarkable talent and creativity through their Student Innovation Projects (SIPs). These projects, akin to a master’s thesis, are not only a testament to the students' hard work and innovation but also serve as standout portfolio pieces that will aid them in their professional journeys post-graduation. This semester's SIPs highlight the inventive spirit across the Advertising Art, Digital Marketing, and Digital Video majors.

D.R.A.W. by Dallas Parke

Major: Advertising Art

Are you tired of endlessly searching the internet for the perfect font, texture, or image for your art project? Introducing DRAW, the Digital Resource Artist Workshop, created by Dallas Park. DRAW is a user-friendly website designed to consolidate all essential resources for artists in one convenient place. Say goodbye to wasted hours and hello to efficient browsing with easy navigation, categorized buttons, and direct links to the best sites for brushes, colors, fonts, and more.

DRAW stands out by offering a seamless user experience, where every resource has been thoroughly tested and reviewed. With quick access to bullet points and site thumbnails, you can see what each resource offers before visiting. Whether you need a font or a brush, DRAW simplifies the process to just a couple of clicks.

Foresight Forge by Franklin Sheffield

Major: Digital Marketing

Leveraging years of experience in time management, Foresight Forge addresses common challenges like forgetting goals and misprioritizing tasks. It acts as a personal assistant, using data to make intelligent suggestions and reminders. The app is divided into three functional parts, accessible with a swipe: "Past," "Present," and "Future."

  • Past: This section includes achievement boards, burndown charts, and usage tracking, encouraging users to meet recurring goals and providing insights through visual data representations.
  • Present: Featuring a robust digital calendar, this section allows users to organize events with color coordination and a unique "Forest stacking" system for complex scheduling needs. AI-driven suggestions and considerations optimize time management by recommending tasks based on goals and availability.
  • Future: Here, users set and adjust their goals, which the AI uses to make personalized suggestions. The prioritizer grid helps users rank goals by importance, ensuring that time is spent on what matters most.


Film MOODS by Cory Ferguson

Major: Digital Video

Cory Ferguson’s project, "Film MOODS," is a website tool that provides accessible color filters and in-depth explanations of color theory. Designed for filmmakers and video editors, Film MOODS allows users to experiment with various color palettes and understand their emotional and psychological impacts on the audience. This tool not only aids in the creative process but also educates users on the fundamental principles of color theory. Ferguson’s work highlights the crucial role of color in storytelling and the importance of accessible tools for creative professionals in the digital video industry.

Innovation at the Edge

These projects exemplify the innovative spirit fostered at UAT, where students are encouraged to push the boundaries of technology and creativity. The SIPs developed by Dallas Parke, Franklin Sheffield, and Cory Ferguson are a testament to the high caliber of education and mentorship provided by UAT’s notable faculty. Each project reflects the unique talents and skills of its creator, while also addressing real-world challenges and opportunities within their respective fields.

The Digital Arts degree family at UAT continues to produce graduates who are not only adept at navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology but are also poised to become leaders and innovators in their industries. Prospective students and industry professionals are encouraged to delve deeper into the advancing technology degree programs at UAT to witness firsthand the impressive work being created at the forefront of innovation.

Learn more about how Student Innovation Projects contribute to career readiness, here.


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