Zombie Apocalypse Experience - Day 2

Welcome back to the Zombie Apocalypse! It’s day two of my experiences surviving this war. You won't believe the things I had to endure toda! 



Today I got home from work at a whopping 7 am, and guess who was waiting for me. Pulling up into the school I was exhausted from doing an overnight shift for my job. I figured it was early so I wouldn’t have to worry about seeing any zombies. I was wrong. The first thing I saw is a singular zombie, roaming around in the parking lot, looking for its next target. You could imagine my horror. I was so tired that I didn’t think I could run. I decided to keep on the down low, getting out of my car quietly and sneaking my way around, determined to get to my dormitory for a nice long nap.

While I'm sneaking around cars, someone suddenly pulls into the parking lot. I looked like a deer in headlights. The zombie immediately spotted me from the light, just my luck! I quickly realize I’ve been spotted and bolt for the dorm room. "I only need to get to a safe zone," was all that kept going through my mind.


Photo Credit: Paul Lopez

I keep running, trying to get to the staircase, but I’m not going straight. I kept on going in zig zags hoping it would make it harder for them to catch up, but it didn’t really help. They had nearly caught up to me during this little zig zag mission, so I give that up and put the rest of my energy to getting to the dorm rooms. I have to say, I felt like I was actually in the apocalypse from all the adrenaline coursing through me. It didn’t matter if I was tired at the moment, I needed to survive to see the next day!

Eventually I get to the stairs and take them quickly, but not running up them because safety came first. I get to the door and fumble with the key card for a moment before finally getting inside. I get into my room and I take a moment to breathe and relax. That was the moment I finally fell asleep and got to relax. It felt amazing and I can now see another day as a human!

See you tomorrow with another wild story!

Posted on Apr 3, 2019 9:52:57 AM by Emily Means

Emily Means

Written by Emily Means

I am a movie maker, looking to do something different and unique in the industry. I am also a creative writer and character creator!


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