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Zombie Apocalypse Experience - Day 3

This blog is sadly the last post in my zombie apocalypse experience series because of my recent changes. Unfortunately, I have been infected and now roam around campus, infecting the remaining humans. I put up a heroic fight until the end, but it seems patient zero had his eyes on me and really wanted to infect me.


It’s not all that bad being a zombie. Ee get to sit around and chase humans for fun. I no longer have to worry about finding supplies and materials to stay alive; I simply have to find humans! I am genuinely having so much fun. Keep reading to find out how it all went down.

I was on a mission with some other humans to save Tucker, who got lost looking for her backpack. We went on a search party, completely unaware of the singular zombie who was trailing us. Once we found Tucker, we were able to stun the zombies, causing a delay in their attacks. We grabbed Tucker and then quickly made our way back to our base for safety. We were right in front of base when suddenly Tucker begins to freak out, looking for another item. At that moment we had a side quest that we had to fulfill as well. We took it on, not fearing the zombies at the moment. We had to scavenge the building to find something precious. Meanwhile, patient zero was plotting my demise. The group decided to split up and search for the item, leaving me with patient zero, but I wasn't paying attention.


At first, searching with him was casual we were just looking around trying to quickly help the team. We then got to a side hallway that was more secluded than the rest. I decided this was a very bad spot and turned around to see my buddy, staring intently at me. All I kept thinking was, ”This feels like a set up." With this thought crossing my mind, I pull out my stunner to toss at him, knowing it only affected zombies or patient zero. I toss at him when suddenly he dodges it and lays a hand on my arm. Then he whispered, “You are now infected!" I couldn't believe it. I did all that hard work of keeping me and the team alive, and just like that I end up becoming the very thing I fought so hard against.

In the end, the human race died and the zombies took over. Hopefully next time the humans survive! I hope you all enjoyed this series, I know I had a lot of fun writing it! 


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