By: | Jun 29, 2016

      Hello! all so recently I had the awesome opportunity to go to Monday night raw with some friends this turned out to be a great experience. So if you don’t know what happened at the last paper view it was a money and the back ladder match , the winner of this… Read more »

Roadtrip in 2116 Substance Painter Contest.

By: | Jun 25, 2016

So recently substance painter has reveled a contest for substance painter. I thought what a better way to work on my skills other then to compete in a contest with some industry professionals. I’m not going to lie at first I was very scared and worried that my work wouldn’t be up to par with… Read more »

Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim.

By: | Jun 24, 2016

  Greeting all as you may know recently I have been struggling I had some life issues that kinda brought me down to a low point of not being able to focus on school and I started to shut everyone out. My father was in the hospital and I had a recent heartbreak , this… Read more »