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    Gaming Passion Series: Part 11 [ESRB Ratings]

    Posted on Dec 12, 2017 1:05:23 PM by Jordan Leong

    I believe it is safe to say we are all quite familiar with the video game market and industry as a whole, especially the design decisions behind certain titles. However, I believe there is something most people overlook, something we as gamers see every single time we buy a game but don’t seem to acknowledge. By this, I’m talking about the ESRB rating, otherwise known as Entertainment Software Rating Board.

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    My Experience with Grammarly

    Posted on Dec 4, 2017 10:32:31 AM by Gage Roland


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    Dungeons & Dragons: My Experiences Part 1

    Posted on Dec 1, 2017 3:37:05 PM by Chandler

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    Faculty Serve Students Breakfast for Dinner to Kickoff Finals - Dec. 12

    Posted on Nov 30, 2017 10:49:04 AM by Lauren Fach


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    Gaming Passion Series: Part 9 [Challenges]

    Posted on Nov 28, 2017 2:26:57 PM by Jordan Leong

    Considering how these discussions have gone into the different components of games, how they work and in what ways they affect players, I believe it is important to talk about one of the other key aspects that make a game truly a game. What do I mean by this? I mean that games separate themselves from any other form of entertainment because of one simple notion: a challenge.

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    Evolution of Video Game Artificial Intelligence

    Posted on Nov 28, 2017 2:26:14 PM by Chandler

    Since the conception of video games, Artificial Intelligence has been a main part of creating a great game. From Pong to Call of Duty, almost all games use some sort of Artificial Intelligence or AI to help program game enemies. In the beginning of AI inception in video games, enemy actions and movements were limited to stored patterns and small randomization with the help of microprocessors.

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    Battle for Azeroth

    Posted on Nov 28, 2017 2:13:30 PM by Edward Cieslak in video games, in world of warcraft

    What's up all my dudes and dudettes! So recently I've been playing a lot more World of Warcraft since BlizzCon ended. I have to say I'm super pumped with the direction the game is going. At the event Blizzard dropped the news that the new expansion Battle for Azeroth is going to be dropping sometime next year and with it there are going to be tons of changes to the game.

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    IPhone Photography

    Posted on Nov 28, 2017 2:08:17 PM by Jacob Turocy

    The other day my girlfriend, who is also a photographer and attends UAT went to Lake Pleasant. We took our cameras to see if we good get any sweet shots.

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    Gaming Passion Series: Part 8 [Progression]

    Posted on Nov 15, 2017 11:45:54 AM by Jordan Leong

    Aside from all the important aspects in making a game, there is a key factor amidst it all that really makes a game stick with a player. That key factor is none other than progression. What does progression look like in games? How much does it impact the player? These are questions that will be answered throughout this discussion.

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    Sprinting to Finish Projects

    Posted on Nov 15, 2017 11:42:16 AM by Gage Roland

    I am relieved that I finished portfolio and passed, but the semester is not over. After a nice week break from focusing on projects, I have about one month to crunch down on two remaining projects - DataWall and Fishtistics.

    DataWall, my student innovation project (SIP), involves a lot of web programming, statistics, and simulation building. Fishtistics, a class project, is an exciting AR project using Vuforia in Unity to augment the classroom for statistics learning.

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