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Chinese New Years in Games

By: | Feb 2, 2017

Chinese New Years is right around the corner and it turns out that a lot of games are doing Chinese New Years events in celebration. Games like Overwatch, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and more! A majority of the content will have a combination of either gold, red, black, or Jade because of the… Read more »

Uncharted 4 Review

By: | May 17, 2016

Hello All! I have finally finished Uncharted 4 this weekend. I thought it would be fun to review this game and share it with you all. I will try my best to avoid any major spoilers in here so don’t worry, I’ll avoid talking and giving details about the main story line in here. To… Read more »

Hall of Fame: Video Game Edition

By: | May 5, 2016

Hello all! I often visit sites like Gameinformer, Gamasutra, Polygon, and Kotaku to get news on what’s going on in the industry. Today I had found this article that was about 6 games that have been inducted into he Video Game Hall of Fame. The Video Game Hall of Fame is in a museum that… Read more »

Art + Programming?! Inconceivable!

By: | Apr 11, 2016

Hello all! There are many routes one can take when looking at going into the game industry. So many specializations, so many specifics. When coming to a university like UAT, it’s convenient that you learn the trade as a whole instead of just one skill. As a game artist there are many roads you can… Read more »

There and Back Again: What I Learned at GDC

By: | Mar 21, 2016

Hello all, I have finally returned after a long week at the Game Developers Conference, a.k.a GDC! I have learned so much about our industry within the last week, it’s crazy it was only a week. There were many ups and downs of the conference, but I’d have to say my favorite part was talking… Read more »