The Legend of Drizzt

Recently I came across a new book series called the Legend of Drizzt. While this series is not exactly new, it was new to me. I stumbled across the first book in a Barnes and Noble back home in San Diego. It was written by R.A. Salvatore, which is a name I recognized, and it was in the same area as the Dungeons and Dragons books which I was already looking at. I figured I needed some new books to read and picked it up. This turned out to be an amazing decision. I never ended up reading it until almost a year or two later, but when I did I immediately ordered quite a few of the next books. Now for a spoiler-free synopsis.


The book follows a drow elf named Drizzt who was born into the House Do’Urden, which is one of many houses of the drow elves. There is a ranking system within the elves and these are led by Matron Mothers who act as ruling figureheads over the houses. The upper levels actually act as a ruling council for the rest of the city of Menzoberranzan. The drow have a system where you can overtake the other houses so long as there no witness to place blame on one house, then the event never happened. The story of the first book follows the story of a couple of characters who begin as distant members of the same city, but then their stories very quickly became intertwined which each other, until the climax of the book is reached. Drizzt is born into the House Do’Urden where he immediately seems different than all of the other drow, as all main characters do. He was to be sacrificed to the Spider Queen Lolth as all thirdboys are in drow society, and the story unfolds fairly quickly from there.


I would highly recommend this book and series as they are extremely well written, descriptive, and immersive as not many books are. The first book runs about 350 pages, but there roughly 30 books in the series, with plenty of other books that follow Drizzt through other adventures. They have released anniversary editions of the books, which act as somewhat of an anthology and each individual book contains three of the original books. These are on Amazon and other retailers priced around $20 USD whereas the individual books are about $8 USD, so you would save a little bit of money, and if you act quickly, they could even be on sale. You can find the first anniversary book here.

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