Why These Games are Better Than Yours - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

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So this is a series dedicated to game reviews. I’ll be basing all of my reviews on these categories: graphics, gameplay, story, overall experience, and a wild card question.

Today we'll talk about Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Graphics: 8/10

So this game's graphics are really well done. Once again you'll find that most of the cut scenes are the same level of graphics as the gameplay. One of the main problems I had was that some things were a little too shiny. Other than that the graphics are amazing. The diversity in enemies was very well done. You will sometimes see the same enemies but most are very different.

Shadow of Mordor

Gameplay: 7/10

The nemesis system did this game a great favor. Your enemies will learn from what you've done and if you are killed they will advance in rank. Speaking of the ranking system. The games enemy ranking system is a great way to spend an entire afternoon. This will hardly ever run out of enemies who are advancing. When it gets low, all you need to do is move on in the story. It's a great way to level up and obtain more and more abilities. There are plenty of side missions to do and you will never run out of enemies to kill. If you are connected to the internet then you have a 5 minute interval to kill an enemy that killed another random player. This game allows you to choose what weapon you want to use and how to approach any situation with your desired weapon. Depending on what enemies you have killed determines any extra skills you may have. Over all this game will give you a reason to keep playing.

Shadow of Mordor 2

Story: 5/10

In all honesty I still haven't finished the story for this game. I'm too distracted with all of the side stuff that's going on. Sometimes it can be funny, and entertaining but the story isn't really all that important.

Shadow of Mordor 3

Overall Experience: 6/10

Because all of the side missions distract from the story this game can get boring real quick. If you are just barreling through the story then I'm sure it's much better. The nemesis is a great mechanic to this game and makes it really interesting. As well as the ranking system is also something that will keep you busy. Overall the game is very well done and a great game to play for a week or so.

Shadow of Mordor 4

Wild Card: Best enemy name?

Muggrish Giggles

Barfa the Slipper

Hork the Literate One

The nemesis system randomly creates enemies along with their awesome names. These names are great! I recommend you spend a good amount of time googling the funniest Uruk names in this game. :D

Shadow of Mordor 5

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