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As a digital artists we all know that there are many..MANY different programs that we can use. What’s good or bad about each one of them? I’ll tell you my personal experience on the goods and bads of the programs I’ve used.

Today we;ll be talking about Corel Painter


Corel Painter is a digital painting program designed to give artists a extremely realistic feeling when painting. This blog was created with the help of my fellow Game Art and Animation student Mairi Lindsay. Mairi is in her last semester here at UAT. Mairi personally owns Corel and uses it fairly often.

So what's good?

Corel brushes react like traditional art tools would. It has a well-organized UI that is easy for the user to understand and work through. Corel has a new function called real brushes that take time to render that gives you a realistic look. For example, if you are a fan of watercolor and you know when the watercolor dries it has a darker ring surrounding the painted area, corel wonderfully replicates this with it's render time. It also rotates the brush along with how you position the pen on the tablet, meaning the angle of the brush is affected by angle of the pen. Easy internal setting on how Corel responds to your tablet. you can essentially personalize your tablet settings specifically for Corel. There are multiple canvas textures, customization paper textures. Working with multiple brushes and paper textures you can create many diverse textures. The reference window allows the user to move their reference with no interruption; allows easy workflow. The mixer pad, and color swatches allow the user to create colors just like you would in real life. Corel has a feature called dirty brush mode which smears or blends like a dirty brush would. Also has distortion brushes that are also used for blending. I can't express enough how many options Corel has for blending. It’s perspective tool is much more user friendly than Photoshop.

So what's bad?

The render brushes can slow you down but the look’s worth it. Corel is a pretty expensive program. Corel doesn’t transform as well as Photoshop because it was specifically designed for painting. Photoshop doesn't accept this kind of file. This program is really big so lagging can be an issue. If you’re impatient it may crash.

What do I recommend?

This program is worth it! if you are like me and have trouble getting used to the digital art feeling then this is the right program for you! Corel gives the best realistic feeling I have ever gotten while digital painting. The things that this program does is amazing. As long as you are patient with the render times you will have an amazing piece.

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