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So if you have been keeping up with my past blogs you may have known that I am a big Dungeons and Dragons fan. I currently am playing in 2 campaigns and DMing my own as well. I love the creativity that goes into D&D, it's a big boost of inspiration and a great help to my not so creative brain. Just recently, a couple of my friends were browsing the Playstation Network and we stumbled upon this game called Sword Coast Legends. Now when we looked at it, at first we thought that this was going to be some kind of horribly made turn-based "D&D style" (or so they would call it) game. When we looked into it a little more, we found that this game is actually a really cool game. It is actually being made by the same people who made the very popular Dragon Age: Origins. Dragon Age: Origins was a very, very successful game, especially when it came to giving the player choices and different story lines based on player choices. As a game student, I know that it is very difficult to give the player so much power. Especially when it comes to D&D, the creativity goes through the roof. For developers and artists to try to think of everything and anything that a DM or player would think of is impossible. There is a lot that the designers can get in trouble for when giving the player so much power and so many options. If the player is not familiar with some of the content or is overwhelmed by the content then they might not like the game. Some players won't play games because there is too much to do, it's like the feeling of having so many options you have no idea where to start. Now this is not to say that it hasn't been done before, but in other games like Sims, and Super Mario Maker the players are limited to a certain theme. For example, Super Mario Maker lets it's players create levels with anything they want, but they are limited to things that have been in the Mario games. Players know what to expect when getting Super Mario Maker, but what about when you are making a game based entirely on the players creativity. Even when it comes to the players ability to create their characters there is only so much a designer can do. I personally really enjoy making characters that are...well...an oxymoron. For example, I have made a character who is incredibly perceptive. She was a Bard who could tell exactly when someone was lying or faking, but her main flaw was that she was a hopeless romantic. She was so gullible, and she would instantly wholeheartedly believe that when someone told her they loved her or cared for her hey were telling the truth. They could be lying, or using her but she would completely believe them. Another one of my character that I would like to use in the future is a Paladin Tank, some who is supposed to be well versed in combat, and is supposed to be able to take a hit or 100. This Paladin would be very strong and  have a lot of constitution, but his flaw would be that he is terrified of fighting. I think that these characteristics and flaws bring out the role playing a little bit more during each session. Making sure that you don't (what we call) Meta-game by playing your characters flaw correctly. To allow players to do this in a game is almost impossible.

I follow this funny D&D page on Facebook that sometimes shares some interesting stories about peoples experiences in their D&D campaigns. There have been some pretty strange and interesting posts. One of my favorites I will put below.

Now back to the point of this blog. Sword Coast Legends looks like a great game that lets players go into "DM Mode" and other players into "Player mode." This allows the DM to create a dungeon for the players to explore in. The game limits you to a certain realm in the D&D story line from the 5th edition. Check out the website here, and the video below about the game.

[su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByNCxY3QDag"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi7KPDi_yQI&feature=youtu.be[/su_youtube]

I also here that Fable Legends is a little like this. I personally have never played the Fable series and Legends looks like a great game to play that is similar to this style.

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