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So this past weekend was what we call "The UAT Experience", it's essentially a time where we get interested students to experience what it's like to be a UAT student. If you are interested in UAT I highly recommend attending one! This event gives you a great idea of what the school and campus is about and what you'll do here.

Now one of the parent I was talking to got in a fairly long conversation about how open and inviting UAT is when it comes to students ideas. This really got me thinking of back when I was looking for college and really one of the reasons I chose UAT. I think this is a topic that isn't really as advertised about the school as it should be. I wanted to bring it up because it is an amazing opportunity for any student that attends this school. Here at UAT, every single student is encouraged to expand on the ideas they have. I have had friends who have had an inspiring dream one night, and our professors helped them turn it into an incredible innovation. Students are not belittled here for thinking of crazy ideas that may not work. We are encouraged to speak with our peers and professors to alter it into a possible project. Our Job Fair that happens once a semester is entirely based around students creating personal projects and helping them apply it to class. One of the main reasons we require every student to do an innovation project is to help them push the limits of technology. We are showing companies, and telling them "Look at what our students can do if we let them just imaginesee what they are capable of doing if we give them the opportunity!"

This is one of the reasons I chose UAT over other schools. I have the ability at any time to present an idea I have for a concept to my peers and professors and be taken seriously. No matter what semester you are in, or what degree you are in here at UAT we want you to take advantage of the resources we give you and just create!


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