New Semester, New You!

Summer is winding down and the weather outside is getting cooler. UAT, however is warming up for the Start of the Fall Semester. Starting September 4th, Classes will be starting up again and students will in full swing, getting the knowledge needed to pursue their goals. There are some interesting changes that are happening in the new semester. Lets take a look, shall we?

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90's Theme for Founders Hall

Over at the dorms, every semester has a theme to spice up the Dorm life. It is akin to having spirit week in high school. The name cards given out every semester will represent the semesters theme. Last Semester was Super Hero/Villains. East and West got either Super Hero or Super Villain. My wing had Super Hero and we picked Deadpool. Each door had our names on it with a picture of Deadpool to represent our wing. This semester is going to be an 90's Theme so fanny packs and leg warmers are going to be back in style!

New Meal Time in Cafe

During the last semester, We tried a new meal time and it was a success so now it is in full swing! In addition to our normal meal times. We have a new Late-Night meal time starting from 10 PM going until 2 AM. This allows for students to grab a pizza, buffalo wings, or ramen while doing some late night studying or gaming. The Late Night Mealtime is everyday except Sunday.

For more information on Campus Life at UAT click here.



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