A Little At A Time

Here's the best piece of advice that almost no one ever uses while in school: do your work a little bit at a time.  Work piles up quickly, and eventually it feels like there is so much of it there's no way that you will get out from underneath the giant mountain of it.  Everyone seems to just look at their works as just a whole piece and from that perspective they really do resemble a mountain.  So if you want to get anywhere you need to deal with the mountain the only way we can... by chipping away at it.  Simply by breaking down the task into smaller more manageable chunks things will get done faster.  In fact, if you can find a way to make a little game out of it then that's all the better.  Games tend to use certain elements of a game that make you say "just one more piece" or "just one more level" and before you know it an hour and 2 more levels have gone by.  If you can break the work down into pieces that make you say "Oh well that won't take very long, I'll just do that right now."  Soon all the work will be done before you even realize it.

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