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The Death of Gametrailers

    For those unaware, Gametrailers.com is (or rather was) a gaming website dedicated to bringing news, videos, and reviews to the masses. While hosting trailers was always nice as per their namesake, it was some of their other content that had kept me going back for years. They had original shows such as Pop Fiction which explored the sometimes strange and wonderful world of gaming myths; Retrospectives covering the history of storied game franchises, and many others. Gametrailers was special to me partially because it was on that site that I saw the developer diary that made me finally decide I wanted to be a developer.

    Its departure was a rather abrupt affair, though after the site was purchased and went through a round of layoffs in 2014 a decline was certainly indicated. My own experience with the site also suffered a bit over the years as well. The interface changed, in my opinion, for the worse and videos seemed slow to load in higher quality. Regardless of this though, its reviews of games were easily my favorite reviews available. While I didn’t always agree with their opinion, I felt their opinions were almost always well justified.

    I was going to end discussing one of my favorite guilty pleasures of the site though I think I’ll actually save that for another day. Instead I’d like to share their final review, for a game I actually finished just last night. A visually stunning and emotionally impactful game that still has my mind in a serene state of bliss: Firewatch.


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