New Year, Same Stuff

The title makes it sound like I am very pessimistic, but really I just feel indifferent. It's a brand new year, but nothing has changed. Many people will use the new year to set new goals and have resolutions. I don't see why that can't happen any time of the year. So for this post I am not going to tell you all about my revelations that I need to do something different. I feel that what I am doing right now is the way I want to be. And if that ever needs to change, then I can change it at any time.

Now, I am not trying to say that I am not looking forward to this year. I am actually really excited for this year. One of my old projects is starting back up. On top of that, I am also on the Booty Bandits team, which was Green Lit at the end of last semester. I'm also in yoga, which is new for me. I jumped into a brand new class that is running for its first time this semester. Scripting is another class that I am really excited for. Plus, I am squeezing in the time to go hiking and camping at more National Parks, so keep a lookout for those blog posts. Now that I have a bunch of work done, and I plan on buying a new toy, I will have a separate blog for work I will be doing. And later on in the year, I'll turn 21!

Now that's a lot to get excited over, and a lot to post here. So after some other things have picked up, expect to hear about them. For now I'll leave you with this, and this:

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