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Arthas Menethil went on to become one of the largest villains that Azeroth has seen in a long time. He was able to unite a large amount of various races, mostly through resurrection and mind control, but united nonetheless. He became fused with Ner’zhul, creating the entity that we would just call the Lich King. His Deathknights, resurrected warriors that would become a playable class, were his main method of solving any problems that arose. When they were defeated at Lights Hope Chapel in a large battle, the majority of them left the control of the Lich King and joined with either the Horde or Alliance, in order to fight against the scourge. Eventually the Lich King was defeated and Bolvar Fordragon took up the crown in order to lock the Lich Kings powers away forever. In Arthas’ final battle, Frostmourne, a sword that could consume the souls of the dead, was destroyed, leaving only the crown as a source of power. Due to his faith in the Light, Bolvar’s soul was unable to be corrupted by the crown. This brought on a time of peace on Azeroth, not including small skirmishes and other battles that would always be going on. Then the unthinkable happened.



Bolvar Fordragon Bolvar Fordragon as the new 'Lich King'




Deathwing, or Neltharion as he was once called, was one of the five Dragon Aspects, and was the leader of the Black dragonflight. The Titans empowered him to hold dominion over the Earth and the deepest places in Azeroth. The Old Gods were able to get into his mind and turn him mad, as they had done many times before to countless peoples. During the Second war, he took on the form of Lord Daval Prestor in an attempt to destroy the Alliance from the inside. He was also able to turn Alexstrasza, the Life Binder, into a slave of the horde, who he would later stand with as an ally. The other aspects finally defeated him, so he returned to the elemental plane of Deepholm, the part of Azeroth where the elemental planes were chained together. After the events of the Lich King, Deathwing made his glorious return. He erupted from within deepholm, which was within the Maelstrom, a violent whirlpool in between Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. This rage and eruption cause dan event known as the Shattering. This changed the face of Azeroth as we know it. Entire areas were flooded and destroyed, other areas were burnt to a crisp with Deathwing‘s affinity for lava and fire. Deathwing quickly got to work, summoning Ragnaros, who is an old friend of both Deathwing and the adventurers. Along with the Twilight Hammer clan, Deathwing planned to bring about the Hour of Twilight, an event that would entail the end of all life on Azeroth, and to have it reborn in Deathwing’s vision. At this point Deathwing’s influence was spreading all over Azeroth, with events in Uldum, Mount hyjal, The Twilight highlands, The Badlands, and within the Caverns of Time themselves. With the dragon soul in the hands of the other aspects, they take it to Wyrmrest Temple in order to channel their power and bring an end to Deathwing once and for all. Deathwing is wounded by the soul and is finally defeated in the Maelstrom by the adventurers, Thrall, and the other Dragon Aspects. With Deathwing gone, Thrall says he can feel the elements celebrating and returning to their normal state. This brings about the end of the cataclysm.


Death Wing Deathwing Battling with the other Dragon Aspects




The ending of the cataclysm brings peace for a small amount of time, but the Alliance and Horde never really have any peace between them. The fighting between the escalades to a full scale war, spanning the entirety of Azeroth. Eventually while fighting, the Alliance and Horde both fall upon the mist-shrouded isle of Pandaria. This island had been previously inaccessible due to the thick mists that surrounded the place, deflecting any attempt to land. With these mists somewhat cleared, the Alliance and Horde found their way there, fighting all the way. The peaceful Pandarens were somewhat shocked when they found these brutes fighting on their lands, and swiftly brought it to an end. Unfortunately, due to the fighting between the Horde and Alliance, the Shas were released into the world. These Shas represented emotions of people such as Fear, Anger, Despair, Doubt, Hatred, Pride, and Violence. Garrosh Hellscream was stirring up all different sorts of troubles. He attempted to take the life of Vol’jin in order to assume control of the Horde and finally take out the Alliance. He ordered the bombing of Theramore Isle, the hometown of Jaina Proudmoore. This caused a huge uproar as they were able to enrage Jaina, and cause her to push for the destruction of the Alliance. This would only escalate the fighting between the Alliance and Horde even further. Garrosh was eventually about to take his ‘Iron Horde’ and they were able to take over Orgrimmar and create a new base of Operations. This caused the Siege of Orgrimmar raid to become a thing. Garrosh was able to find the Heart of Y’Shaarj and turned himself into a pawn of the Old Gods. He was defeated by the adventurers and taken to stand trial in Pandaria.


Garrosh Hellscream Garrosh Hellscream under the influence of the Old Gods



***I know this post may seem all over the place, but the next two posts will make this one seem like it makes total sense. The next two posts will be about the Warlords of Draenor expansion, which focuses on time travel, and pretty much rewrites everything I have been explaining.

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