WOW: Legion – Lore You Should Know Before it Drops: Part 3 of 5


WOW Legion World of Warcraft: Legion



Aftermath of 2nd Invasion

After this defeat, the legion commanders returned to the Twisting Nether to lick their wounds. Most of the forces were scattered in Azeroth without any of their leaders. Some abandoned the Legion, and some still served loyally. There was a new Shadow Council that was formed, however these cultists proved to be no threat to Azeroth, and they were reformed by the surviving warlocks. This new council continued expanding some of the legions corruption, mainly through the Satyrs and the twisting of Furbolgs, a bear-like race. Some of the ‘left-over’ soldiers would continue to spread the Legion’s influence, some would just gather simply because they could, and others would gather, claiming to protect sites of power while trying to find a more permanent portal solution. There were quite a few struggles over the years, and to make a long story short, a new Alliance of Humans and Blood Elves arose, who fought against the Scourge as well as the Legion. The blood elves made an alliance with the night elves, and were able to push back the overwhelming undead. They were also fighting Illidan’s Naga forces (the Naga are former Highbourne Elves). The Blood Elves were betrayed by the Human commander, so the Blood Elf leader, Kael’thas Sunstrider fled to Outland to join Illidan’s Forces. Meanwhile, back on Azeroth, Arthas had travelled to Northrend and by this point had already become the dominant personality of the Lich King. He traveled to the city of Lordaeron and took the city back from the dreadlords. A while later, the same dreadlords found that he was weakening, so they got together with Sylvannas Windrunner and planned to overthrow Arthas. Arthas escaped the city, and the assassination attempt was thwarted by Kel’thuzad. After this, Sylvannas proclaimed that she and Varimathras, one of the dreadlords, would rule the Plaguelands as the Forsaken. Even after all of this the Legion was not disheartened, and they continued to invade other worlds and planets feeding their endless hunger.


Arthas Menethil Arthas Menethil as the Lich King



Third Invasion

After Illidan was unable to destroy the Frozen Throne, Kil’jaeden sent his forces to enact revenge and kill him. During the invasion, Illidan’s forces proved to be just as powerful, and their plans for revenge were flattened. At this time the Legion was able to open the Dark Portal and send troops to Azeroth, but the Argent Dawn managed to hold the area, along with reinforcements from both the Alliance and Horde. The Alliance and Horde were able to push the demons back and take up a part of Hellfire Peninsula, the area in which the other side of the Dark Portal lies. The Alliance and Horde sent adventures (the players) to go destroy the remaining forces of the Legion in Hellfire Peninsula. There were many internal struggles throughout the lands of Outland, with all but Zangarmarsh feeling the corruption of the Legion. None of this had caused Kil’jaeden to give up, and if anything it only fueled the fire that burned within him. He found that he could control Prince Kael’thas Suntrider, the elf who was betrayed by the Humans and joined Illidan’s forces. Due to his blind lust for power, Kael’thas proved to be quite the willing participant in the Legions new plans. In return for newfound demonic power, he sent his new Felblood elves to Silvermoon, where they captured M’uru, a Naaru guardian who holds the powers of the light itself. M’uru was taken to the Sunwell, an area of great power, and was planned to become the next Well of Eternity. In fact, the Sunwell was created from one of the vials that Illidan stole from the Well of Eternity long ago. This was to become the new summoning portal for Kil’jaeden, which was done in a way that was very similar to that of Archimonde. These plans were thwarted by the adventurers yet again, and the last of M’uru’s energy was used to reignite the Sunwell for good, restoring the Blood Elves power.

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