UAT Cooking Club?

Hey Everyone,

So I've been hearing talk recently that some students are looking into starting a cooking club. My favorite thing about this is that it is being started by a couple freshman. It's good to see new students starting new things while they're here!

Here at UAT we have a bunch of clubs. A lot of them, like the Fencing, League, and Minecraft clubs have been around for awhile. They keep coming back every semester. Within the last couple semesters we've have a hand full of new clubs being created. Clubs like the Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, and Foam Fighters clubs are new to the roster of clubs and have had quite a bit of popularity as of recently.   Students have till the beginning of the first month of classes to submit their ideas and club applications. As long as the club has at least 3 representatives it can be made a club. That is of course, if the club follows school rules. Throughout my time here at UAT almost every club has been approved, so it's pretty easy to make a club.

I'm super excited for this club because it will teach students how to cook. Those who know me, know that I am a horrible cook. I have succeed in burning water on multiple occasions and have set numerous things on fire. There are only a few things that I know how to make and can actually make them edible. People usually advise to keep me out of the kitchen.My boyfriend suggested that we go to this club so we can both learn some new things. I would be excited to learn some new things. Everyone has their own recipes that their family may have passed down or they may have learned from the area they lived in. It would be nice to learn different peoples ways of making things. I think this club would be a great idea for the students. I would also bring a lot of students to it because of the food we'd get to eat. :D

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