Tomb of Sargeras - World of Warcraft 7.2.5

WOW Legion 1

World of Warcraft has been on a weird path ever since the announcement of warlords of Draenor. The announcement went alright, most of the content that was announced look new and interesting, at least in some way. The expansion did not go very well as most of the content seemed timegated, or otherwise not available to players due to some arbitrary reasoning outside of the game itself. The story seemed somewhat recycled, as the reasoning for this isn’t known, but one could only assume that they were spending the resources on something else. With the launch of Legion, things seemed to get more excited again. Again, the same problems arose. When the expansion gets into the swing of things, the content is still timegated or otherwise locked for no apparent reason. Most of the time everything sounded interesting and fun to play, but none of it was as we got a tiny fraction per week of content in order to do anything. If all of this was released at once, none of the content would last more than an hour or so when it comes to the new releases. Most of the content has been filler, with some smaller amounts of story lines that come through every here and now.

Wow Legion 2

With the release of 7.0 we found our way through the Emerald Nightmare, fighting Xavius and his allies. Then we went into the Trial of Valor, which was a test to see if we were worthy to move into Helheim and take down Helia, who had apparently cursed Odyn. Then we went into Nighthold to take down Gul’dan. Again. And we could finally begin to move onto the bigger bad guys for the expansion. Now we have defeated him and moved into the Tomb of Sargeras. With the defeat of Gul’dan, the Legion “retreated” into the Tomb. With the help of all of the big good guys, Khadgar, Prophet Velen, and now Illidan, we are able to enter the depths and take the fight all the way to Kil’jaeden. Most of the fights throughout the raid are moving through the different guardians of the Tomb fighting our way up the chain, but down into the tomb. We eventually get down to Kil’jaeden, we hop aboard his space ship and fly away into the Twisting Nether fighting him. Eventually we move through space and time, and end up at Argus, the new planet that Blizzard announced we will be moving to for 7.3. Once we defeat the big bag guy, he falls and there is quite the cinematic that ensues. Kil’jaeden falls as Khadgar prepares to teleport us back to Azeroth. Before this happens, Illidan says something about the war not being over, and tosses out the Sargerite Keystone and creates some sort of portal, then has Khadgar teleport us out. When we get back, we can see that Illidan somehow pulled that portal back to Azeroth and Argus now seems just a few arms reaches away.

WoW Legion 3

I feel that with the way this ended, and the way that the next patch looks, wow will start going on the up again. I was hoping that the majority of the work that was going into Legion was going to end up in Argus. I have high hopes for the next patch, and I feel that the mechanics that were introduced into Tomb of Sargeras, that those hopes are not unwarranted.

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