Rare Women in Rare Fields

Hey All! I think we have reached an end to the world of digital Painting Programs series! If you have any suggestions on a program I should try or a review you'd like to see just comment below on it!


Today I'll be talking about the need for encouraging women into STEM roles and positions. There are a lot of commercials lately encouraging this. Take a look at the video I linked below. It's a great commercial by Verizon that sums up my intent for this blog. Here at UAT we have a wide range of degrees that are mainly considered "male" fields. Degrees like Network Security, Network Engineering, Technology Forensics, Advancing Computer Science, and Game Programing are all male dominant degrees. Why is that? From my personal experience and what most young girls experience is that when we are young the gender stereotypes are so forced on us that we are taught that these kinds of STEM degrees, interests, and life choices are unladylike. We are taught that they are too big for us, or that we just "don't understand them." I don't have enough fingers to count how many times these excuses have been given to me. Recently this issue is being addressed and is something that is now being discouraged. Here at UAT we are finding more and more women going into degrees that aren't just Game Art and Animation, or Digital Video. It's a good start. There needs to be more though.

This blog post is just your reminder to encourage the young women you meet into doing these STEM lifestyles. Encourage your teachers to encourage this!


That's all for today!


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