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Since Easter Sunday has just pasted I thought I might do a blog about college life and holidays. Most college kid do end up getting their fair share of homesickness, especially during the holidays. How do we cope with it?

Hang out with friends!

From my experience here at UAT you'll be able to find a group of friends within the first week of classes. When the homesickness gets you, try hanging out with your friends. Go to the mall, go out to eat, play video games together, or go to the movies. Having someone around who understands what you're going through it always good.

Call your family!

Skype, phone calls, or facetimes are a great way to get rid of that homesickness. Talking to your family, hearing what's going on can make you feel like you're home again. There is one possible downside to doing this. You can end up getting more homesick than you were originally.

Go to an animal shelter!

One of my friends suggested this. If you're feeling homesick, go to an animal shelter. Get some love from these animals and give some love back.


Now if you're in college these can be very important to your survival. Most parents end up sending their kids care packages throughout the semester. Holidays are a very popular time for care packages. My mom usually sends me either one a semester or every holiday. Inside there are a whole bunch of goodies ranging from clothes to things that remind you of home. Once, my mom over nighted some tamales that she had just made. These are great for the homesickness cause they are made by your family who miss you just as much. See below an awesome example of a care package!


Care Package Look at all these goodies!


That's all for today guys!


In memorial of the Easter care package I never got.....

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