New Semester, New Projects

I am excited to see that a lot of my classes are project based this semester, so that means I get to work on some awesome projects! While it is a little early to talk too much about my plans for this semester, I know a little bit about the kinds of projects I will be doing.

Linux Clouds

I am taking an Advanced Software Development class this semester that is broken up in two semesters. That means this class is about getting a working prototype and the fundamentals of the application to work while the second probably has more requirements to fill. For this class we need to create an application that has a good amount of requirements, but most importantly talks to a database with multiple users. I got very excited when I heard about this. After my Tech Moment from last semester, I have had a huge interest in web/database programming. It also helps that I am taking an online SQL class right now, as well.

We have thrown around some ideas about the project this five person team will make, and I believe it it is leaning towards a mobile/desktop web application. This is exciting to me because I love designing this kind of project as well as messing around with hosting and connecting to databases. I do also hope to help design the database. I am happy that I am taking an SQL class, because it has taught me so much about creation and maintaining databases.


Another project this semester ties into my WULF.DESIGN website as well as my class in Mobile Development for iOS. I am working on a long term personal project that I am extremely excited about when I can talk more about it. The iOS class felt like a good place to create an experimental app that ties into my personal project. I hate to bring something up that I can't talk about, but it pretty much deals with data structure and algorithm creation and visualization. I'll be able to get into this more towards September!


My last project class this semester is for my Human Computer Interaction class. This is going to be an interesting and challenging project that felt really loaded when I was introduced to it, but has actually turned into something I really look forward to because it uses big(ish) data - "The Wall." My project focuses on all of the "data" that is related to the U.S./Mexico border and visualize it in an interactive, useful way. I plan on using Wolfram Mathematica to write the website and API to animate an interactable map to show people, places, and conditions of immigration. This map will track things like crossing by car, foot, train, illegal vs legal, popular areas and ports, locations of where people locate to after crossing (on both sides), employment, and more. There is a lot of data to be tracked and I have luckily been using the Department of Transportation and Homeland Security to gather a lot of resources. There is an endless amount of things to look into. I also think it would be cool to see drone paths along the border, as well.

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