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Hello all!

So this weekend is a big event here at UAT. It's what's called a Game Jam. If you're not familiar with what a Game Jam is then let me explain.

A Game Jam is where groups of students/people get together and spend 48 hours on creating a game. After the 48 hours is over all of the games are played/shown in the closing ceremony. sometimes there will be awards given and other times it's just a show and tell. Game Jams are usually done over a weekend. Usually on Fridays around 5 or 6 the theme of all the games are announced. Every game that is participating in the Game Jam must create a game that has something to do with the theme. The theme is announced during the opening ceremony. After the ceremony the teams are allowed to start. It's entirely up to the teams leaders to decide and plan out how the game will be made and the process in which everything happens.

Game Jams are a great way to get experience while you're here at UAT. It's pretty easy to find a team if you don't already have one. This is a great team building exercise and it's believed here that everyone should at least do one before they graduate. You may not get much sleep but it's something that you could possibly put on your portfolio as well as something you can get a LOT of experience for. It's great for students who are just beginning at UAT to join an experienced group. You are going to learn so much from this group and most of the time all of the groups will teach you everything you need to know. Everyone who participated in a Game Jam here at UAT knows that this is a learning experience and tries to get everything they can out of it.

UAT is actually one of the sites that is listed to participate in the Global Game Jam. This is the same exact Jam but just on a global level instead of the smaller ones. Check out past games and UAT's site on the Global Game Jam page here.

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