Dawn of a New Day: Full of Events and School

Greetings and salutations everyone!

Today marks the day that I have returned from my short lived vacation going across the country, and we also have started our new semester as well! For what it's worth, the break was indeed short, but it allows us to go right back into the flow of things back at the school, and with the knowledge fresh in our minds, it's going to be another fantastic semester!

During our summer semesters, we have noticeably less students available on campus, seeing as one of my classes has about 6 of us including myself, however this makes for exorbitant amounts of one-on-one time with our professors to help us out with the material they will be presenting throughout the courses. The summer may prove to be hot outside, however there is still plenty of stuff to do indoors, whether it be clubs such as Anime & Manga, or Pokemon, or maybe even Nerf Wars, there is plenty to do to pass the time! Or maybe if you're more educationally inclined, there are numerous projects to embark on, seeing as I will be developing mobile applications for the Android environment throughout the semester!

Aside from working all the time, there are also plenty of events to go to as well across this area! If you like cosplay or comic books, or both, then you should find yourself at Phoenix Comicon this year! It's a fantastic experience for all of us nerds, as we can go into various panels, find the artist alley, and other concession booths, and pick up all kinds of merchandise of our various fandoms! If you like anime, then Anime Expo will be making a debut at the Los Angeles convention center again this 4th of July weekend, and if you go, there is a chance you will find myself, along with the other two Student Ambassadors, Karina and Scott, there too! Or if you are more inclined to the cyber security endeavors, then come find us at Black Hat and Def Con over in Vegas this year!

This season seems to be one of the more lax ones, so if you have projects to do, there is plenty of time to do it. It's not common to find a university with the trimester, or the three semesters per year, however it is still a great experience because we are able to finish our degree progress so quickly.

It is the dawn of a new day, and as such, there is plenty to do around here. All you need to do is find it! And if you find yourself on campus during this time, then feel free to check up on the many projects we will be working on releasing and the like!

Until next time,

-Nicholas "TAE"

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