Come Experience the UAT Experience!

Greetings and salutations everyone!

For any of you who are considering UAT to be a college choice for whatever major your are seeking within college, there is one major piece of advice I can give you.

Attend the UAT Experience!

So back in the day, this event used to be called the Fly-In-Geek event, and later became the UAT Discovery Expo, but now it is the UAT Experience. And what it is, is the big UAT college visit time of the year, hosted about 5-6 times a year. This event is specially crafted for anyone visiting the school, offering events, classes, and bountiful amounts of information for the students or parents in attendance who wish to know more about the admissions and financial aid processes of the school.

I attended the Fly-In-Geek event back in April of 2013, where I was finalizing my college choices and decided to give the school a try. The only cost I really had to pay was for my flight from Indiana to Arizona, and any kind of snacks/food I'd take along the way because my residence would be settled because I'd be staying overnight in one of the on-campus student's rooms. Back then, I didn't really know where I wanted to go, however after visiting the school, I knew it was going to be for me.

Now a little bit of backstory: When I was flying out, it was quite possibly one of the worst experiences ever. My flight ran from Louisville, KY, to Atlanta, GA, and I must say that I love the Atlanta Airport, but that night was awful. My flight got delayed because there was an issue with a cracked windshield of the plane, so they had to pull a plane from Tennessee to have us fly out. The only problem: The plane would not be there until 6 hours later. Now I was set to originally land in Phoenix around 5-6 PM, however I would end up not arriving onto campus until about 1 am.

So be me, arriving onto the UAT campus at 1 am AZ. I had all of the contact information of my host and of the RA's of the campus on me through emails and the like, so I dialed the number of the RA on call fully expecting to wake him up based on the time of night. He answered the phone with a lot of noise in the background (of what I will eventually realize to be a lot of people yelling out shotcalls in League) and proceeded to meet with me in the next 4 minutes with my host (who was also playing with him down in the commons of the school).

Now the Fly-In event didn't officially start until 8 AM that day, however I proceeded to stay up with them that entire night playing League, Minecraft and WoW with a bunch of the current students there. At 8 AM, I was free to roam around and take in the campus. I got to sit in on a couple mock classes with the professors I have today, take a tour of the school to see what was available, ate an amazing lunch, and once it was all over, I was back to playing a bunch of games.

A lot of the people I met at that event actually ended up attending at the same time as me, having played Nerf Warz with them, playing a couple games of Smash, and a lot of League.

Long story short, I got to meet a lot of great friends just by visiting the campus. I can say that I'm lucky because I got to meet my close group of friends right off the bat and we'd proceed to build strong friendships over the long term, but also in the sense that I chose to take the risk and fly all the way across the country for a college visit.

For anyone interested, this event runs on March 19th in addition to our Career Fair for anyone to attend with RSVP in tow. And if you would like to RSVP for the event, you can visit the the link here.

It's a really cool event and can net you a $1000 scholarship if you decide to attend if you're coming from out of state! So if  you have the chance, definitely check it out!

Until next time,


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