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Yesterday I was on a talk about the Super Smash Bros franchise and how Lucas from Mother 3 is making a comeback (and Mewtwo is already back but I tried playing him and I don't like his playstyle still), but then at the end of it I started going into much more detail on where Lucas came from and the franchise itself.

Officially, there are only the three games. Mother, Mother 2 and Mother 3, with international release becoming Earthbound, and that's about it. Mother 3 is one of the games we will most likely not be seeing over in the states unless you use the fan translated rom, or watch a video on Youtube about it, however there is another game coming out here soon.

Even though it is not an official Mother title, it still adopts the name and style that we fans of the series have grown to know and love.

Developed by fans, for fans, in a completely not for profit, no monetary participation required:


Mother4 Mother 4


Upon their website, they stated:

Mother 4 is a free, fan-made sequel to the cult-classic video game series, Mother.

To find something like this occurring within the next few months is incredible, as we have not seen a new game release except for the launch of Earthbound on the Wii U store. Aside from that, Mother 3 came out years ago for the Gameboy Advance, and we haven't seen a new release since.

The game is being built from the ground up by quite a few volunteers and Mother fans, creating this title as a standalone project for Windows, Mac and Linux environments. All sprites, artwork, story and music are custom made along with their engine, being developed within the past 5 years.


Sprite Progression Sprite Progression - Travis (Main Character)


There appear to be four main characters within this title. There seem to be at least 3 that can use PSI powers, either offensively or defensively, and there seem to be other PSI skills that have been added into their arsenal as well. It would seem that PK Fire, PK Thunder, and PK Freeze have made yet another debut into the series, however there has been another addition in terms of PK Beam that has been showcased in the videos.

4 main characters

Above you will find the four main characters. There is Travis, the seemingly everyday normal boy, Meryl, the next iteration of the powerful female protagonist with incredible offensive PSI powers within the Mother series, Floyd, the charming popular addition into the group who also possesses a knack for talking to people, and Leo, the most interesting member in my opinion due to the fact that he is the leader of a motorcycle gang and is a potent PSI user as well.

There is so much to the series, that there is no way I could capture all of it into a single blog post, rather I'll let the video(s) below do that for me:





Overall this project is becoming something incredible. I'm definitely looking forward to this game, and the release date is ever approaching as they would like to have the project completed by June of this year! So keep an eye out for any more information, and I would still highly recommend the entire series to anyone who enjoys the JRPG genre, with lighthearted settings with incredible story.

No rating this time except:

Overall Hype: 9/10

-Nicholas "TAE"


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