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The Oddity of Game Design Innovation

A horror adventure inspired by the podcast "Welcome to Night Vale" was created by UAT alumnus Johnathan Weiner of Game Design. It's a fresh, interactive game prototype that's full of thrills, chills, puzzles and exploration.

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The Premise

The premise has a setting that got its inspiration from a podcast narrated by a radio host. The podcast is called "Welcome to Night Vale" and has an atmosphere of a quiet town where events happen from the odd to the downright terrible.

A bus crashes in this town in the desert. Things start to get weird at the nearby hotel, where the staff tries to keep the player inside. There's plenty of exploration outside, though - and once you're in, you have to find your way out - that is, after you find your room key.

Oddity places the player into the immersive world of the main adversary, and the story is impacted by dialogue actions and changes. The characters become oddities when they are driven to insanity by their emotions.

What is really innovative about this game is that even after a player dies, there is data encoded in the background. While the game changes, there are still those déjà vu moments that the player will remember.

The player can choose to be a villain or a hero—or simply explore the world of Oddity. Simply put, your choices, decisions and dialogue make your own version of the game.

The Creative Mind

UAT alumnus Johnathan Weiner (Game Design) built the game to allow the player to explore this odd world and uncover new things. Each death and reload has meaning and allows the player to discover something unique each time. Players can also manipulate the world they are immersed in.

Team Oddity plans to develop and market the game further, continuing their refinements through the indie game company Infinitive Game Studios.

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